Man pages for SurvRank
Rank Based Survival Modelling

crossvalFoldsCreating stratified cross validation folds
CVrankSurv_fctMain function of SurvRank.
fin_surv_model_fctBuilding the final survRank model
fixRank_fctWrapper function using f as ranking method
fsRankBoostAUC_fctWrapper function using additive models with component-wise...
fsRankConcAUC_fctWrapper function using the concordance measure as ranking...
fsRankCoxAUC_fctWrapper function using the univariate Cox models as ranking...
fsRankLassoAUC_fctWrapper function using the L1 norm (lasso) as ranking method
fsRankMonsterAUC_fctWrapper function using cox models with randomly selected nmax...
fsRankRfAUC_fctWrapper function using the random forests as ranking method
fsRankRpartAUC_fctWrapper function using recursive partitioning and regression...
fsRankWangAUC_fctWrapper function using univariate cox models for a randomly...
fsSurvRankBoostBoost ranking function
fsSurvRankConcConcordance ranking function
fsSurvRankCoxCox ranking function
fsSurvRankGlmnetL1 (lasso) ranking function
fsSurvRankRandCoxRandom Cox ranking function
fsSurvRankRfRandom forest ranking function
fsSurvRankRpartRpart ranking function
fsSurvRankWangRandom Cox ranking function
glmnetRankRanks features of a previously fitted 'glmnet' object
innerAUC_fctCalculates inner and outer survival AUCs of training and...
msSurv_fctFunction selects for the ranking function approaches
plot_CVsurvMain function of SurvRank
risk_newdatMain function of SurvRank.
riskscore_fctMain function of SurvRank.
weighting_fctWeigthing function for selected features
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