DTSDHCC: SYSUCC Hepatocellular Carcinoma Dynamic Time Series Data

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SYSUCC Hepatocellular Carcinoma Dynamic Time Series Data


Time series dataset of 2360 patients with intermediate stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), with each time point observation included data of 12 clinical variables and 2 survival outcome variables.


A dataframe with 11684 observations and 14 variables. The data of each patient at each time point is sorted into a separate row. The variable "ID" refers to individual patient identification numbers. The variable "Date" refers to the time point of each observation. A total of 12 clinical variables were arranged sequentially, including 1 demographic variable ("Age"), 8 observational variables ("Amount of Hepatic Lesions", "Largest Diameter of Hepatic Lesions", "New Lesion", "Vascular Invasion", "Local Lymph Node Metastasis", "Distant Metastasis", "Child_pugh_score" and "AFP"), 3 treatment variables ("TargetedTherapy", "Embolization", "Resection") and 2 outcome variables ("Status_of_death","OStime_day"). The missing values of the original dataset have been filled using Random forest regression method.


Lujun Shen,Tao Zhang

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