SwarmSVM: Ensemble Learning Algorithms Based on Support Vector Machines

Three ensemble learning algorithms based on support vector machines. They all train support vector machines on subset of data and combine the result.

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AuthorTong He <hetong007@gmail.com>, Aydin Demircioglu <aydin.demircioglu@ini.ruhr-uni-bochum.de>
Date of publication2016-08-19 19:37:28
MaintainerTong He <hetong007@gmail.com>

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alphasvm Man page
alphasvm.default Man page
alphasvm.formula Man page
cluster.fun.kkmeans Man page
cluster.fun.mlpack.old Man page
cluster.predict.kkmeans Man page
clusterSVM Man page
csvmTransform Man page
dcSVM Man page
eucliDist Man page
gater Man page
gaterSVM Man page
kmeans.predict Man page
plot.alphasvm Man page
predict.alphasvm Man page
predict.clusterSVM Man page
predict.dcSVM Man page
predict.gater Man page
predict.gaterSVM Man page
print.alphasvm Man page
print.summary.alphasvm Man page
summary.alphasvm Man page
svmguide1 Man page
SwarmSVM Man page
SwarmSVM-package Man page
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