Man pages for SwarmSVM
Ensemble Learning Algorithms Based on Support Vector Machines

alphasvmSupport Vector Machines taking initial alpha values function for kernal kmeans Clustering from RcppMLPACK
cluster.predict.kkmeansPredict function for kernel kmeans
clusterSVMClustered Support Vector Machine
csvmTransformData Transformation function for Clustered Support Vector...
dcSVMDivide-and-Conquer kernel SVM (DC-SVM)
eucliDistEuclidean Distance calculation
gaterGater function for mixture SVMs
gaterSVMMixture SVMs with gater function
kmeans.predictEuclidean Distance based clustering prediction
plot.alphasvmPlot alphasvm object
predict.alphasvmPrediction function for an alphasvm object
predict.clusterSVMPredictions with Clustered Support Vector Machines
predict.dcSVMPredictions with Divide-Conquer Support Vector Machines
predict.gaterPredictions for Gater function
predict.gaterSVMPrediction for Gater SVM
SwarmSVMSwarmSVM: A Package for several Ensemble Support Vector...
write.alphasvmWrite alphasvm object
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