Man pages for TITAN2
Threshold Indicator Taxa Analysis

boot.titanControls the allocation of bootstrap replicates
env.partPartitions environmental gradient for analysis
getivzPerforms calculation of IndVal z scores from observed and...
glades.envglades.env title
glades.taxaglades.taxa title
glades.titanglades.titan title
indvalIndVal scores based on relative abundance across, and...
indvalpCalculate permuted IndVal scores using a group matrix
ivzsumsSum IndVal z scores across taxa
obs.summSummarizes results from TITAN's analaysis of observed data
permivPermutation of group membership for a single candidate...
plotCPsPlots probability densities of empirical distributions of...
plotSumzPlots the pattern of community change along an environmental...
plotTaxaPlots taxon-specific change points
smallBigBootSummarizes raw output from TITAN's bootstrap procedure
sumz.tabSummarizes the results of the community-level sum(z) analysis
tbootCalculate bootstrapped IndVal z scores
titanThe primary function call for package TITAN
TITAN2Threshold Indicator Taxa Analysis
txa.screenScreening of site by taxa matrix
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