txa.screen: Screening of site by taxa matrix

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Screens site by taxa matrix for potential minimum occurrence and frequency problems.


txa.screen(txa, minSplt = minSplt)



A site by taxon matrix of sampled counts at each sampling location.


The minimum split size used for partitioning. The default is to use the argument form the original TITAN function call.


This function provides a warning for low numbers of observations and data sets with too few observations to make any reasonable interpretation. It also warns users when 100 percent occurence is detected and how much of the data set meets this criterion, as IndVal based analyses are not ideal for this type of data and we might recommend other techniques (Baker and King 2013). The function also assess whether occurrence frequencies for any taxa fall below 3, and call attention to very small minimum split sizes.


A site by taxon matrix of sampled counts at each sampling location.


M. Baker and R. King


Baker, ME and RS King. 2010. A new method for detecting and interpreting biodiversity and ecological community thresholds. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1(1): 25:37.

Baker ME and RS King. 2013. Of TITAN and straw men: an appeal for greater understanding of community data. Freshwater Science 32(2):489-506.

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