Man pages for TKCat
Tailored Knowledge Catalog

add_chMDB_userAdd a user to an MDB of a chTKCat object
add_chTKCat_collectionImport a collection in a chTKCat database
as_chMDBPush an MDB object in a ClickHouse database
as_fileMDBWrite an MDB object
as_memoMDBConvert any MDB object in a memoMDB object
check_chTKCatCheck a chTKCat object
ch_insertInsert records by batches in a Clickhouse table
chMDBAn MDB (Modeled DataBase) relying on ClickHouse: chMDB
chTKCatConnect to a ClickHouse TKCat instance
collection_membersCollection members
compare_MDBCompare two MDB objects
count_recordsCount the number of records
create_chMDBCreate a database in a chTKCat
create_chTKCat_userCreate a chTKCat user
data_filesGet the data files from a fileMDB object
data_file_sizeGet the size of data files from a fileMDB object
data_modelGet object data model
data_tablesGet object data tables
db_disconnectDisconnect an object from a database
db_infoDB information
db_reconnectReconnect an object to a database
db_tablesGet the DB tables from a chMDB object
drop_chMDBDrop a database from a chTKCat
drop_chTKCat_userDrop a user from a chTKCat object
empty_chMDBEmpty a chMDB in a chTKCat
explore_MDBsExplore available MDB in a shiny web interface
fileMDBAn MDB (Modeled DataBase) based on files: fileMDB
filter.chMDBFilter a chMDB object and return a memoMDB
filter.fileMDBFilter a fileMDB object and return a memoMDB
filter.memoMDBFilter a memoMDB object
filter.metaMDBFilter a metaMDB object
filter_with_tablesFilter an MDB object according to provided tables
format.chTKCatFormat a chTKCat object for printing
get_chTKCat_collectionGet a collection from a chTKCat
get_collection_mapperGet the default mapper function for a collection
get_confrontation_reportGet the last generated MDB confrontation report
get_local_collectionGet the json definition of a local collection of concepts
get_MDBGet an MDB object from a TKCat related object
get_queryGet SQL query
get_shared_collectionsGet collections shared by 2 objects and return member...
import_collection_mapperImport a function to map collection members
import_local_collectionImport a the definition of a collection of concepts in the...
init_chTKCatInitialize a chTKCat database
is.chMDBCheck if the object is a chMDB object
is_chMDB_publicIs a chMDB public
is.chTKCatCheck the object is a chTKCat object
is.fileMDBCheck if the object is a fileMDB object
is.MDBCheck if the object is an MDB object
is.memoMDBCheck if the object is a memoMDB object
is.metaMDBCheck if the object is a metaMDB object
is.TKCatCheck the object is a TKCat object
join_mdb_tablesJoin connected tables
list_chMDB_usersList users of an MDB of a chTKCat object
list_chTKCat_collectionsList collections available in a chTKCat
list_chTKCat_usersList chTKCat user
list_local_collectionsList local collections of concepts
list_MDBsList available MDB
list_tablesList tables in a clickhouse database
map_collection_membersMap different collection members
MDBsGet a list of MDB from metaMDB object
memoMDBAn MDB (Modeled DataBase) in memory: memoMDB
mergeTree_from_RelTableModelCreate a ClickHouse MergeTree table from a...
mergeTrees_from_RelDataModelCreate ClickHouse MergeTree tables from a...
metaMDBA metaMDB object
read_collection_membersRead a collection member JSON file
read_fileMDBRead a fileMDB from a path
relational_tablesGet a list of relational tables
remove_chMDB_userDrop a user of an MDB of a chTKCat object
remove_chTKCat_collectionRemove a collection from a chTKCat database
scan_fileMDBsScan a catalog of fileMDB
search_MDB_fieldsSearch fields in a TKCat related object
search_MDB_tablesSearch tables in a TKCat related object
set_chMDB_accessSet chMDB access
slice.chMDBSubset a chMDB object according to row position in one table...
slice.fileMDBSubset a fileMDB object according to row position in one...
slice.memoMDBSubset a memoMDB object according to row position in one...
slice.metaMDBSubset a metaMDB object according to row position in one...
TKCatTKCat: a catalog of MDB
write_collection_membersWrite a collection member JSON file
write_MergeTreeWrite a Clickhouse MergeTree table
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