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Two-Level Behavior Classification

alignStartFunction to align start of a window
annotationsToLabelsFunction to convert bout-level annotations to instance-level...
calcPerformanceFunction to calculate performance of a classification model
classifyFunction to classify accelerometer and/or GPS data
clearFilesClear files
computeEmissionProbsCompute emission probabilities
computeOneAccFeatCompute one acceleration feature
computeOneGPSFeatCompute one GPS feature
computePriorProbsCompute prior probabilities
computeTransProbsCompute transition probabilities
extractAccelerometerFeaturesExtract accelerometer features
extractAccFeatsFileExtract accelerometer features from a file
extractFeatsPALMSDirExtract GPS features from a PALMS directory
extractFeatsPALMSOneFileExtract GPS features from a PALMS file
extractLabelsDirExtract labels from a directory
extractLabelsSingleFileExtract labels from a directory
getDateFmtGet date format
hmmHidden Markov model
isFeatureDirectoryIs feature directory?
isInstanceFormatIs instance format?
loadDataLoad data
loadFeaturesLoad features
loadLabelsLoad labels
loadModelLoad model
loadPredictionsLoad predictions
loadPredictionsAndLabelsLoad predictions and labels
looXvalFunction to perform leave-one-out cross-validation
rfRandom Forest
senseCamLabelsSenseCam Labels
sensorsToFeaturesFunction to extract featurese from raw sensor data
stratSampleStratified sample
testHMMTest a hidden Markov model
testRFTest a random forest classifier
testTwoRFsTest two random forest classifiers
TLBC-packageTwo-Level Behavior Classification
trainHMMTrain a hidden Markov model
trainModelFunction to train a two-level model from accelerometer and/or...
trainRFTrain a random forest classifier
winSizeWindow Size
writePredictionsWrite predictions to a file
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