TMDb: Access to TMDb API - Apiary

Provides an R-interface to the TMDb API (see TMDb API on <>). The Movie Database (TMDb) is a popular user editable database for movies and TV shows (see <>).

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AuthorAndrea Capozio <>
Date of publication2015-06-16 11:24:01
MaintainerAndrea Capozio <>

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Man pages

certification_movie_list: Get the list of supported certifications for movies.

certification_tv_list: Get the list of supported certifications for TV shows.

changes_movie: Get a list of movie ids that have been edited.

changes_person: Get a list of people ids that have been edited.

changes_tv: Get a list of TV show ids that have been edited.

collection: Retrieve informations of a collection.

collection_images: Retrieve images of a collection.

company: Retrieve informations of a company.

company_movies: Retrieve movies of a company.

configuration: Get the system wide configuration information.

credit: Retrieve credits.

discover_movie: Retrieve the TMDb movies list.

discover_tv: Retrieve the TMDb TV shows list.

find_tmdb: Retrieve objects in TMDb database by an external id.

genres_movie_list: Retrieve the available genres for movies.

genres_movies: Get the list of movies for a particular genre by id.

genres_tv_list: Retrieve the available genres for TV shows.

jobs: Get a list of valid jobs.

keyword: Get the basic information for a specific keyword id.

keyword_movies: Retrieve movies for keyword.

list_get: Get a list by id.

list_item_status: Verify the presence of a movie in a list.

movie: Retrieve movie informations.

movie_alternative_title: Retrieve alternative titles for movies.

movie_changes: Retrieve movie changes.

movie_credits: Retrieve credits for a movie.

movie_images: Retrieve movie images.

movie_keywords: Retrieve the keywords associated with a movie.

movie_latest: Retrieve the latest movie inserted in TMDb.

movie_lists: Retrieve the lists that the movie belongs to.

movie_now_playing: Retrieve movies in theatres in the current week.

movie_popular: Retrieve the popular movies.

movie_releases: Retrieve the release informations for a movie.

movie_reviews: Retrieve movie reviews.

movie_similar: Retrieve similar movies.

movie_top_rated: Retrieve top rated movies.

movie_translations: Retrieve the available translations for a movie.

movie_upcoming: Retrieve upcoming movies.

movie_videos: Retrieve movie videos.

network: Get the name of a TV network by ID.

person_changes: Retrieve the changes for a person.

person_combined_credits: Retrieve credits for a person.

person_external_ids: Retrieve external ids for a person.

person_images: Retrieve person images.

person_latest: Retrieve new entry people on TMDb.

person_movie_credits: Retrieve person movie credits.

person_popular: Retrieve the popular people.

person_tagged_images: Retrieve images related to a person.

person_tmdb: Retrieve person information.

person_tv_credits: Retrieve person TV credits.

review: Retrieve basic informations about a review.

search_collection: Search for lists by name and description.

search_company: Search for companies by name.

search_keyword: Search for keywords by name.

search_list: Search for lists by name and description.

search_movie: Search for movies by title.

search_multi: Search the movie, TV show and person collections with a...

search_person: Search for people by name.

search_tv: Search for TV shows by title.

timezone: Retrieve the supported timezones.

tv: Retrieve TV informations.

tv_airing_today: Retrieve TV shows on air.

tv_alternative_title: Retrieve alternative titles for TV series.

tv_changes: Retrieve TV series changes.

tv_content_ratings: Retrieve rating for a TV series.

tv_credits: Retrieve credits for a TV series.

tv_episode: Retrieve basic informations about a TV episode.

tv_episode_changes: Retrieve the changes for an episode TV show.

tv_episode_credits: Retrieve TV episode credits.

tv_episode_external_ids: Retrieve external ids for a TV episode.

tv_episode_images: Retrieve TV episode images.

tv_episode_videos: Retrieve TV show videos related.

tv_external_ids: Retrieve external ids for a TV series.

tv_images: Retrieve TV series images.

tv_keywords: Retrieve the keywords associated with a TV show.

tv_latest: Retrieve the latest TV show inserted in TMDb.

tv_on_the_air: Get the list of TV shows that are currently on the air.

tv_popular: Retrieve the popular TV series.

tv_season: Retrieve basic informations about a TV season.

tv_season_changes: Retrieve the changes for a season TV show.

tv_season_credits: Retrieve TV season credits.

tv_season_external_ids: Retrieve external ids for a TV season.

tv_season_images: Retrieve TV season images.

tv_season_videos: Retrieve TV show videos related.

tv_similar: Retrieve similar TV show.

tv_top_rated: Retrieve top rated TV series.

tv_translations: Retrieve the available translations for a TV series.

tv_videos: Retrieve TV series videos.


certification_movie_list Man page
certification_tv_list Man page
changes_movie Man page
changes_person Man page
changes_tv Man page
collection Man page
collection_images Man page
company Man page
company_movies Man page
configuration Man page
credit Man page
discover_movie Man page
discover_tv Man page
find_tmdb Man page
genres_movie_list Man page
genres_movies Man page
genres_tv_list Man page
jobs Man page
keyword Man page
keyword_movies Man page
list_get Man page
list_item_status Man page
movie Man page
movie_alternative_title Man page
movie_changes Man page
movie_credits Man page
movie_images Man page
movie_keywords Man page
movie_latest Man page
movie_lists Man page
movie_now_playing Man page
movie_popular Man page
movie_releases Man page
movie_reviews Man page
movie_similar Man page
movie_top_rated Man page
movie_translations Man page
movie_upcoming Man page
movie_videos Man page
network Man page
person_changes Man page
person_combined_credits Man page
person_external_ids Man page
person_images Man page
person_latest Man page
person_movie_credits Man page
person_popular Man page
person_tagged_images Man page
person_tmdb Man page
person_tv_credits Man page
review Man page
search_collection Man page
search_company Man page
search_keyword Man page
search_list Man page
search_movie Man page
search_multi Man page
search_person Man page
search_tv Man page
timezone Man page
tv Man page
tv_airing_today Man page
tv_alternative_title Man page
tv_changes Man page
tv_content_ratings Man page
tv_credits Man page
tv_episode Man page
tv_episode_changes Man page
tv_episode_credits Man page
tv_episode_external_ids Man page
tv_episode_images Man page
tv_episode_videos Man page
tv_external_ids Man page
tv_images Man page
tv_keywords Man page
tv_latest Man page
tv_on_the_air Man page
tv_popular Man page
tv_season Man page
tv_season_changes Man page
tv_season_credits Man page
tv_season_external_ids Man page
tv_season_images Man page
tv_season_videos Man page
tv_similar Man page
tv_top_rated Man page
tv_translations Man page
tv_videos Man page


R/keyword_movies.R R/list_get.R R/review.R R/search_list.R R/network.R R/tv_season_changes.R R/tv_content_ratings.R R/search_multi.R R/credit.R R/movie_now_playing.R R/tv_season_images.R R/movie_translations.R R/keyword.R R/movie_latest.R R/person_external_ids.R R/company.R R/movie_upcoming.R R/search_company.R R/certification_movie_list.R R/tv_episode_external_ids.R R/tv_credits.R R/person_images.R R/tv_top_rated.R R/search_keyword.R R/genres_movies.R R/tv_season_videos.R R/search_tv.R R/person_changes.R R/person_tv_credits.R R/is.wholenumber.R R/person_combined_credits.R R/movie_lists.R R/movie_keywords.R R/person_tmdb.R R/person_latest.R R/movie_reviews.R R/genres_movie_list.R R/tv_season_credits.R R/tv_changes.R R/movie_videos.R R/tv_episode_credits.R R/movie_releases.R R/changes_tv.R R/movie_top_rated.R R/tv_translations.R R/tv_on_the_air.R R/list_item_status.R R/certification_tv_list.R R/discover_tv.R R/tv_keywords.R R/tv_episode_images.R R/configuration.R R/search_person.R R/tv_similar.R R/person_popular.R R/collection.R R/discover_movie.R R/tv_airing_today.R R/tv_external_ids.R R/tv_alternative_title.R R/tv_season_external_ids.R R/tv_season.R R/tv_latest.R R/movie.R R/changes_movie.R R/find_tmdb.R R/changes_person.R R/jobs.R R/tv_videos.R R/person_movie_credits.R R/tv.R R/movie_credits.R R/tv_episode_changes.R R/company_movies.R R/tv_episode_videos.R R/timezone.R R/collection_images.R R/movie_alternative_title.R R/tv_popular.R R/movie_popular.R R/search_collection.R R/genres_tv_list.R R/movie_similar.R R/search_movie.R R/tv_episode.R R/person_tagged_images.R R/movie_changes.R R/tv_images.R R/movie_images.R
man/genres_tv_list.Rd man/search_tv.Rd man/movie_upcoming.Rd man/discover_movie.Rd man/movie_popular.Rd man/tv_translations.Rd man/tv_episode_changes.Rd man/tv_season_changes.Rd man/list_item_status.Rd man/tv_content_ratings.Rd man/tv_similar.Rd man/tv_keywords.Rd man/configuration.Rd man/tv_on_the_air.Rd man/person_latest.Rd man/movie_changes.Rd man/tv.Rd man/movie_keywords.Rd man/movie_reviews.Rd man/movie_alternative_title.Rd man/company.Rd man/discover_tv.Rd man/person_movie_credits.Rd man/person_tagged_images.Rd man/tv_episode_credits.Rd man/movie_releases.Rd man/movie_now_playing.Rd man/movie_credits.Rd man/movie_images.Rd man/tv_season_images.Rd man/tv_changes.Rd man/movie_latest.Rd man/tv_external_ids.Rd man/genres_movie_list.Rd man/tv_season_credits.Rd man/tv_season_videos.Rd man/tv_popular.Rd man/tv_alternative_title.Rd man/tv_episode_external_ids.Rd man/tv_top_rated.Rd man/keyword_movies.Rd man/tv_season_external_ids.Rd man/movie_lists.Rd man/tv_episode.Rd man/tv_credits.Rd man/person_combined_credits.Rd man/search_list.Rd man/tv_episode_videos.Rd man/changes_movie.Rd man/credit.Rd man/genres_movies.Rd man/movie_videos.Rd man/movie.Rd man/network.Rd man/search_company.Rd man/jobs.Rd man/certification_tv_list.Rd man/changes_person.Rd man/certification_movie_list.Rd man/search_movie.Rd man/search_multi.Rd man/tv_videos.Rd man/person_images.Rd man/movie_top_rated.Rd man/collection.Rd man/tv_episode_images.Rd man/company_movies.Rd man/tv_airing_today.Rd man/find_tmdb.Rd man/person_external_ids.Rd man/person_tv_credits.Rd man/person_tmdb.Rd man/person_changes.Rd man/person_popular.Rd man/collection_images.Rd man/movie_translations.Rd man/review.Rd man/tv_latest.Rd man/tv_season.Rd man/changes_tv.Rd man/keyword.Rd man/list_get.Rd man/tv_images.Rd man/search_collection.Rd man/timezone.Rd man/search_keyword.Rd man/search_person.Rd man/movie_similar.Rd

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