Man pages for TMDb
Access to TMDb API - Apiary

certification_movie_listGet the list of supported certifications for movies.
certification_tv_listGet the list of supported certifications for TV shows.
changes_movieGet a list of movie ids that have been edited.
changes_personGet a list of people ids that have been edited.
changes_tvGet a list of TV show ids that have been edited.
collectionRetrieve informations of a collection.
collection_imagesRetrieve images of a collection.
companyRetrieve informations of a company.
company_moviesRetrieve movies of a company.
configurationGet the system wide configuration information.
creditRetrieve credits.
discover_movieRetrieve the TMDb movies list.
discover_tvRetrieve the TMDb TV shows list.
find_tmdbRetrieve objects in TMDb database by an external id.
genres_movie_listRetrieve the available genres for movies.
genres_moviesGet the list of movies for a particular genre by id.
genres_tv_listRetrieve the available genres for TV shows.
jobsGet a list of valid jobs.
keywordGet the basic information for a specific keyword id.
keyword_moviesRetrieve movies for keyword.
list_getGet a list by id.
list_item_statusVerify the presence of a movie in a list.
movieRetrieve movie informations.
movie_alternative_titleRetrieve alternative titles for movies.
movie_changesRetrieve movie changes.
movie_creditsRetrieve credits for a movie.
movie_imagesRetrieve movie images.
movie_keywordsRetrieve the keywords associated with a movie.
movie_latestRetrieve the latest movie inserted in TMDb.
movie_listsRetrieve the lists that the movie belongs to.
movie_now_playingRetrieve movies in theatres in the current week.
movie_popularRetrieve the popular movies.
movie_releasesRetrieve the release informations for a movie.
movie_reviewsRetrieve movie reviews.
movie_similarRetrieve similar movies.
movie_top_ratedRetrieve top rated movies.
movie_translationsRetrieve the available translations for a movie.
movie_upcomingRetrieve upcoming movies.
movie_videosRetrieve movie videos.
networkGet the name of a TV network by ID.
person_changesRetrieve the changes for a person.
person_combined_creditsRetrieve credits for a person.
person_external_idsRetrieve external ids for a person.
person_imagesRetrieve person images.
person_latestRetrieve new entry people on TMDb.
person_movie_creditsRetrieve person movie credits.
person_popularRetrieve the popular people.
person_tagged_imagesRetrieve images related to a person.
person_tmdbRetrieve person information.
person_tv_creditsRetrieve person TV credits.
reviewRetrieve basic informations about a review.
search_collectionSearch for lists by name and description.
search_companySearch for companies by name.
search_keywordSearch for keywords by name.
search_listSearch for lists by name and description.
search_movieSearch for movies by title.
search_multiSearch the movie, TV show and person collections with a...
search_personSearch for people by name.
search_tvSearch for TV shows by title.
timezoneRetrieve the supported timezones.
tvRetrieve TV informations.
tv_airing_todayRetrieve TV shows on air.
tv_alternative_titleRetrieve alternative titles for TV series.
tv_changesRetrieve TV series changes.
tv_content_ratingsRetrieve rating for a TV series.
tv_creditsRetrieve credits for a TV series.
tv_episodeRetrieve basic informations about a TV episode.
tv_episode_changesRetrieve the changes for an episode TV show.
tv_episode_creditsRetrieve TV episode credits.
tv_episode_external_idsRetrieve external ids for a TV episode.
tv_episode_imagesRetrieve TV episode images.
tv_episode_videosRetrieve TV show videos related.
tv_external_idsRetrieve external ids for a TV series.
tv_imagesRetrieve TV series images.
tv_keywordsRetrieve the keywords associated with a TV show.
tv_latestRetrieve the latest TV show inserted in TMDb.
tv_on_the_airGet the list of TV shows that are currently on the air.
tv_popularRetrieve the popular TV series.
tv_seasonRetrieve basic informations about a TV season.
tv_season_changesRetrieve the changes for a season TV show.
tv_season_creditsRetrieve TV season credits.
tv_season_external_idsRetrieve external ids for a TV season.
tv_season_imagesRetrieve TV season images.
tv_season_videosRetrieve TV show videos related.
tv_similarRetrieve similar TV show.
tv_top_ratedRetrieve top rated TV series.
tv_translationsRetrieve the available translations for a TV series.
tv_videosRetrieve TV series videos.
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