Man pages for TRSbook
Functions and Datasets to Accompany the Book "The R Software: Fundamentals of Programming and Statistical Analysis"

arrowaxisAdding arrows on statistical plots.
barchartBar charts
bin2decDecimal representation of a binary number
BIRTH.WEIGHTWeight at Birth
BMI.CHILDBody Mass Index of children
camembertPie chart
cor0.testTest of the correlation coefficient
crosschartA cross chart
dec2binBinary representation of a decimal number
flashy.plotA flashy scatter plot
getaddrRetrieve the address in memory of a variable
INFARCTIONStudy Case of Myocardial Infarction
INTIMA.MEDIAIntima-Media Thickness
mpinvMoore Penrose inverse
NUTRIELDERLYDiet of Elderly People
sigma2.testTest of a variance
TRSbookPackage illustrating the book: The R Software
twosample.cor.testComparing statistically two correlation coefficients
VectorAddrAddress of vector
writeaddrWriting a value at some memory address
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