Man pages for TestDesign
Optimal Test Design Approach to Fixed and Adaptive Test Construction

buildConstraintsBuild constraints (shortcut to other loading functions)
calcEscore-methodsCalculate expected scores
calcFisher-methodsCalculate Fisher information
calcHessian-methodsCalculate second derivative of log-likelihood
calc_infoCalculate Fisher information (multiple items)
calc_info_EBCalculate the Fisher information using empirical Bayes
calc_info_FBCalculate the Fisher information using full Bayesian
calcJacobian-methodsCalculate first derivative of log-likelihood
calc_likelihoodCalculate likelihoods
calcLocation-methodsCalculate central location (overall difficulty)
calcLogLikelihood-methodsCalculate log-likelihood
calc_MI_FBCalculate the mutual information using full Bayesian
calc_posteriorCalculate a posterior value of theta
calc_posterior_functionCalculate a posterior distribution of theta
calc_posterior_singleCalculate a posterior value of theta for a single item
calcProb-methodsCalculate item response probabilities
checkConstraintsCheck the consistency of constraints and item usage
constraint-classClass 'constraint': a single constraint
constraints-classClass 'constraints': a set of constraints
constraints-operatorsBasic operators for constraints objects
createShadowTestConfigCreate a config_Shadow object
createStaticTestConfigCreate a config_Static object
dataset_bayesBayes dataset
dataset_fatigueFatigue dataset
dataset_readingReading dataset
dataset_scienceScience dataset
eap-methodsCompute expected a posteriori estimates of theta
find_segmentClassify theta into segments
getSolutionAttributesRetrieve constraints-related attributes from solution
getSolution-methodsPrint solution items
info_itemCalculate Fisher information (single item)
iparPosteriorSampleSample item parameter estimates from their posterior...
item_attrib-operatorsBasic functions for item attribute objects
item-classesItem classes
item_pool-classClass 'item_pool': an item pool
item_pool_cluster-classClass 'item_pool_cluster': an item pool
item_pool_cluster-operatorsCreate an item pool cluster object
item_pool-operatorsBasic operators for item pool objects
lnHyperParsCalculate hyperparameters for log-normal distribution
loadConstraintsLoad constraints
loadItemAttribLoad item attributes
loadItemPoolLoad item pool
loadStAttribLoad set/stimulus/passage attributes
logitHyperParsCalculate hyperparameters for logit-normal distribution
makeTestCluster-methodsGenerate a test cluster object
makeTest-methodsGenerate a test object
mlef-methodsCompute maximum likelihood estimates of theta using fence...
mle-methodsCompute maximum likelihood estimates of theta
output_Shadow_all-classClass 'output_Shadow_all': a set of adaptive assembly...
output_Shadow-classClass 'output_Shadow': adaptive assembly solution for one...
output_Static-classClass 'output_Static': fixed-form assembly solution
p_itemCalculate item response probability
plotExposure-methods(deprecated) Plot item exposure rates
plotInfo-methods(deprecated) Plot item/test/pool-level information
plot-methodsExtension of plot() for objects in TestDesign package
print-methodsExtension of print() for objects in TestDesign package
RECalculate Relative Errors
RMSECalculate Root Mean Squared Error
runAssemblyRun Test Assembly
saveOutputSave or print audit trails
Shadow-methodsRun adaptive test assembly
show-methodsExtension of show() for objects in TestDesign package
simResp-methodsSimulate item response data
Static-methodsRun fixed-form test assembly
st_attrib-operatorsBasic functions for stimulus attribute objects
summary-classesSummary classes
summary-methodsExtension of summary() for objects in TestDesign package
test-classClass 'test': data for test assembly
test_cluster-classClass 'test_cluster': data for test assembly
TestDesignOpen TestDesign app
TestDesign_aliasOpen TestDesign app
test_operatorsBasic operators for test objects
testSolverTest solver
theta_EAPCalculate an EAP estimate of theta for one examinee
theta_EAP_matrixCalculate EAP estimates of theta for a group of examinees
theta_EBCalculate theta estimates using EB (Empirical Bayes) method
theta_FBCalculate a fully Bayesian estimate of theta for an examinee
theta_FB_singleCalculate a fully Bayesian estimate of theta for a single...
toggleConstraintsToggle constraints
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