Tmisc: Turner Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous utility functions for data manipulation, data tidying, and working with gene expression data.

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AuthorStephen Turner <>
Date of publication2017-03-15 14:36:47
MaintainerStephen Turner <>

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Man pages

are_all_equal: Are all equal?

beep: Play a short sound

clean_names: Cleans names of a data.frame.

convert_to_NA: Convert string values to true 'NA' values.

corner: Print the top left corner of a data frame

counts2fpkm: Fragments per kilobase per million

Cs: Character strings from unquoted names

datename: Filename with date

deseqresult2tbl: Tidy DESeq2 result

dfsigfig: Round numeric columns of a data frame

dokuwiki: Create tables in dokuwiki format

ellipses: Truncate a data frame with ellipses.

fisherp: Fisher's method to combine p-values.

gghues: Emulate ggplot2 default hues

gg_na: Plot missing data

grapes-nin-grapes: x not in y

jsd: Jensen-Shannon divergence

lmp: Linear model p-value

lowestnonzero: Lowest nonzero values

lsa: Improved list of objects

lsp: List objects in package

Mode: Mode.

nn: Get names and class of all columns in a data frame

o: Open the current working directory on mac

peek: Peek at the top of a text file

propmiss: Missing stats

quartet: Anscombe's Quartet data (tidy)

read.cb: Read from the clipboard

registration: Get registration link

remove_empty_cols: Removes empty columns from a data.frame.

remove_empty_rows: Removes empty rows from a data.frame.

rownames_to_symprobe: Rownames to symbol-probeID

saveit: Rename objects while saving.

sicb: Write sessionInfo to the clipboard

strSort: Sort characters in a string

Tcols: A palette of 17 diverging colors

Thist: Histograms with overlays

Tmisc: Tmisc

Tpairs: Better scatterplot matrices.

unfactor: Unfactor a data.frame

unrowname: Un-rowname


are_all_equal Man page
beep Man page
clean_names Man page
convert_to_NA Man page
corner Man page
counts2fpkm Man page
Cs Man page
datename Man page
deseqresult2tbl Man page
dfsigfig Man page
dokuwiki Man page
ellipses Man page
fisherp Man page
gghues Man page
gg_na Man page
jsd Man page
lmp Man page
lowestnonzero Man page
lsa Man page
lsp Man page
Mode Man page
\%nin\% Man page
nn Man page
o Man page
peek Man page
propmiss Man page
quartet Man page
read.cb Man page
registration Man page
remove_empty_cols Man page
remove_empty_rows Man page
rownames_to_symprobe Man page
saveit Man page
sicb Man page
strSort Man page
Tcols Man page
Thist Man page
Tmisc Man page
Tmisc-package Man page
Tpairs Man page
unfactor Man page
unrowname Man page

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