Man pages for Tmisc
Turner Miscellaneous

addinsInsert text at current position.
are_all_equalAre all equal?
cornerPrint the top left corner of a data frame
counts2fpkmFragments per kilobase per million
CsCharacter strings from unquoted names
datasaurusDatasaurus Dozen
datenameFilename with date
deseqresult2tblTidy DESeq2 result
dfsigfigRound numeric columns of a data frame
dokuwikiCreate tables in dokuwiki format
ellipsesTruncate a data frame with ellipses.
fisherpFisher's method to combine p-values.
gghuesEmulate ggplot2 default hues
gg_naPlot missing data
grapes-like-grapesx like y
grapes-nin-grapesx not in y
grapes-nlike-grapesx not like y
gt2refaltTwo-letter genotype from VCF GT
jsdJensen-Shannon divergence
keep_top_nKeep rows from top groups of a column
lmpLinear model p-value
lowestnonzeroLowest nonzero values
lsaImproved list of objects
lspList objects in package
mat2dfMatrix to pairwise data frame
nnGet names and class of all columns in a data frame
oOpen the current working directory on mac
peekPeek at the top of a text file
propmissMissing stats
quartetAnscombe's Quartet data (tidy)
read.cbRead from the clipboard
registrationGet registration link
rownames_to_symprobeRownames to symbol-probeID
saveitRename objects while saving.
sicbWrite sessionInfo to the clipboard
strSortSort characters in a string
TcolsA palette of 17 diverging colors
ThistHistograms with overlays
TpairsBetter scatterplot matrices.
unfactorUnfactor a data.frame
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