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Example data set: Activity calendar from the Swiss Household Panel


This data set contains 2000 individual sequences of monthly activity statuses from January to December 2000.




A data frame with 2000 rows, 12 state variables, 1 id variable and 11 covariates.


The data set is a subsample of the data collected by the Swiss Household Panel (SHP).

The state column (variable) names are 'jan00', 'feb00', etc... and correspond to columns 13 to 24.

There are four possible states:

A = Full-time paid job (> 37 hours)
B = Long part-time paid job (19-36 hours)
C = Short part-time paid job (1-18 hours)
D = Unemployed (no work)

The data set contains also the following covariates:

age00 (age in 2000)
educat00 (education level)
civsta00 (civil status)
nbadul00 (number of adults in household)
nbkid00 (number of children)
aoldki00 (age of oldest kid)
ayouki00 (age of youngest kid)
region00 (residence region)
com2.00 (residence commune type)
sex (sex of respondent)
birthy (birth year)


Swiss Household Panel


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