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Trajectory Miner: a Sequence Analysis Toolkit

actcalExample data set: Activity calendar from the Swiss Household...
actcal.tseExample data set: Activity calendar from the Swiss Household...
alphabetGet or set the alphabet of a state or event sequence object
bfspellExample data set: First 20 biofam sequences in SPELL form
biofamExample data set: Family life states from the Swiss Household...
cpalGet or set the color palette of a sequence object
dissassocAnalysis of discrepancy from dissimilarity measures
disscenterCompute distances to the center of a group
dissdomassocDomain association measures
dissmergegroupsMerging groups by minimizing loss of partition quality.
dissmfacwMulti-factor ANOVA from a dissimilarity matrix
dissrepExtracting sets of representative objects using a...
dissrfRelative Frequency Groups.
disstreeDissimilarity Tree
disstree2dotGraphical representation of a dissimilarity tree
disstree-assignAssign rules to profiles provided
disstree-get-rulesTree classification rules
disstreeleafTerminal node membership
dissvarDissimilarity based discrepancy
ex1Example data set with missing values and weights
ex2Example data sets with weighted and unweighted sequence data
famformExample data set: sequences of family formation
is.stslistTest if is a proper state sequence (stslist) object
mvadExample data set: Transition from school to work
plot.seqdiffPlotting a seqdiff object.
plot.seqrfPlot method for seqrf objects of relative frequency groups of...
plot.stslistPlot method for state sequence objects
plot.stslist.freqPlot method for sequence frequency tables
plot.stslist.meantPlot method for objects produced by the seqmeant function
plot.stslist.modstPlot method for modal state sequences
plot.stslist.repPlot method for representative sequence sets
plot.stslist.statdPlot method for objects produced by the seqstatd function
plot.subseqelistPlot frequencies of subsequences
plot.subseqelistchisqPlot discriminant subsequences
print.stslistPrint method for state sequence objects
read.tda.mdistRead a distance matrix produced by TDA.
seqalignComputation details about a pairwise alignment
seqcompCompare two state sequences
seqconcConcatenate vectors of states or events into a character...
seqcostGenerate substitution and indel costs
seqdecompConvert a character string into a vector of states or events
seqdefCreate a state sequence object
seqdiffPosition-wise discrepancy analysis between groups of...
seqdimDimension of a set of sequences
seqdistDistances (dissimilarities) between sequences
seqdomassocMeasures of association between domains of sequence data
seqdssExtract sequences of distinct successive states
seqdurExtract state durations from a sequence object.
seqeEvent sequence object
seqeapplysubChecking for the presence of given event subsequences
seqecmpgroupIdentifying discriminating subsequences
seqeconstraintSetting time constraints and the counting method
seqecontainCheck if sequence contains events
seqecreateCreate event sequence objects.
seqefsubSearching for frequent subsequences
seqeidRetrieve unique ids from an event sequence object.
seqelengthLengths of event sequences
seqetmCreate a transition-definition matrix
seqeweightSetting or retrieving weights of an event sequence object.
seqfcheckCheck if sequences are in the compressed or extended format
seqfindIndexes of state sequence(s) x in state sequence object y
seqformatConversion between sequence formats
seqfposSearch for the first occurrence of a given element in a...
seqfposendEnd of first spell in given state
seqgenRandom sequences generation
seqhasmissCount and identification of sequences with nr and void...
seqibadBadness index
seqiciComplexity index of individual sequences
seqientWithin sequence entropies
seqindicSequence indicators
seqintegrIntegrative potential
seqiposIndicators for binary sequences of positive and negative...
seqistatdState frequencies in each individual sequence
seqivardurVariance of spell durations in individual sequences
seqivolatilityVolatility of individual state sequences
seqlegendPlot a legend for the states in a sequence object
seqlengthSequence length
seqlength-alignAlign sequence length across domains
seqLLCPCompute the length of the longest common prefix of two...
seqLLCSCompute the length of the longest common subsequence of two...
seqlogpLogarithm of the probabilities of state sequences
seqmaintokensIndexes of most frequent tokens
seqMDMultidomain sequences
seqmeantMean durations in each state
seqmodstSequence of modal states
seqmposNumber of matching positions between two sequences.
seqnumTransform into a sequence object with numerical alphabet.
seqpcplotParallel coordinate plot for sequence data
seqplotPlot state sequence objects
seqplotMDPlot multidomain state sequences
seqpmFind substring patterns in sequences
seqprecarityDegradation, Precarity, and Insecurity indexes
seqprecstartState precarity
seqrecodeRecoding state sequence objects and factors
seqrepExtracting sets of representative sequences
seqsepAdds separators to sequences stored as character string
seqSTSequences turbulence
seqstatdSequence of transversal state distributions and their...
seqstatfState frequencies in the whole sequence data set
seqstatlList of distinct states or events (alphabet) in a sequence...
seqsubsnNumber of distinct subsequences in a sequence.
seqtabFrequency table of the sequences
seqtransnNumber of transitions in a sequence
seqtrateCompute transition rates between states
seqtreeTree structured analysis of a state sequence object.
seqtreedisplayGraphical rendering of a sequence regression tree
stlabGet or set the state labels of a sequence object
str.eseqString representation of an event sequence object
TraMineR.check.depr.argsChecking and managing deprecated arguments
TraMineRInternalAccess to TraMineR internal functions
TraMineR-packageTrajectory Miner: Sequence Analysis Toolkit
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