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Create a transition-definition matrix


This function automatically creates a transition-definition matrix from a state sequence object to transform the state sequences into time stamped event sequences (in TSE format).


seqetm(seqdata, method = "transition", use.labels = TRUE, sep = ">",
  bp = "", ep = "end", seq)



State sequence object from which transition events will be determined


The method to use. One of "transition", "period" or "state".


If TRUE, transition names are built from state labels rather than from the alphabet.


Separator to be used between the from-state and to-state that define the transition ("transition" method).


Prefix for beginning of period event names ("period" method)


Prefix for end of period event names ("period" method)


Deprecated. Use seqdata instead.


Warning!!!: State labels should not contain commas "," which are reserved for separating multiple events of a same transition!

One of three methods can be selected with the method argument:

"transition" generates a single (from-state > to-state) event for each found transition and a distinct start-state event for each different sequence start;

"period" generates a pair of events (end-state-event, start-state-event) for each found transition, a start-state event for the beginning of the sequence and an end-state event for the end of the sequence; names used for end-state and start-state names can be controlled with the bp and ep arguments;

"state" generates only the to-state event of each found transition (useful for analysing state sequences with methods for event sequences);


The transition-definition matrix.


Matthias Studer (with Gilbert Ritschard for the help page)

See Also

seqformat for converting to TSE format, seqecreate for creating an event sequence object, seqdef for creating a state sequence object.


## Creating a state sequence object from columns 13 to 24
## in the 'actcal' example data set
actcal.seq <- seqdef(actcal,13:24,
        labels=c("FullTime", "PartTime", "LowPartTime", "NoWork"))
## Creating a transition matrix, one event per transition
seqetm(actcal.seq,method = "transition")

## Creating a transition matrix, single to-state events
seqetm(actcal.seq,method = "state")

## Creating a transition matrix, two events per transition
seqetm(actcal.seq,method = "period")

## changing the prefix of period start event.
seqetm(actcal.seq,method = "period", bp="begin")

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