Man pages for TropFishR
Tropical Fisheries Analysis

AGAggregation function for LBB
albaLength-frequency data of the clam Abra alba
BHB & H equations for LBB
BhattacharyaBhattacharya's method
breambream data
catchCurveCatch curve
date2yeardecDate - Year conversion
emperorEmperor data
gillnetGillnet data
gillnetfitMillar's original gillnet selectivity fitting function
goatfishYellowstriped goatfish data
growth_length_ageEstimation of growth parameter using length-at-age data
growth_taggingGrowth from tagging data
haddockHaddock data
hakeHake data
LBBLength-based Bayesian biomass estimator (LBB)
lfqCreateCreate lfq data from length measurements
lfqFitCurvesFitting VBGF growth curves through lfq data
lfqModifyModify lfq data for further analysis
lfqRestructureRestructuring of length frequency data
M_empiricalEmpirical formulas for the estimation of natural mortality
plot.BhattacharyaBhattacharya plot
plot.catchCurvePlotting catch curve
plotLBBPlotting LBB fit
plotLBB.dataPlotting LBB data
plotLBB.tsPlotting LBB results over time
plotLBB.yearPlotting LBB fit (single year)
plot.lfqPlotting of length frequency data (with VBGF curves)
plot.predict_modPlotting prediction models yield per recruit and Thompson &...
plot.prod_modPlotting production models
plot.prod_mod_tsPlotting time series production models
plot.recruitmentPlot of recruitment patterns
plot.selectSelectivity plot
plot.select_MillarMillar's selectivity plot
plot.VPAVPA plot
powell_wetherallPowell-Wetherall method
predict_modPrediction models
prod_modProduction models
prod_mod_tsProduction models with time series fitting
rcurves_MillarPredict gillnet selectivity (old Millar method)
recruitmentRecruitment patterns
rtypes_MillarMillar's selectivity types
selectSelectivity model
select_MillarMillar's selectivity model
select_ogiveSelectivity patterns
shrimpsShrimp data
startingPoint2tanchorConvert FiSAT's starting point to t_anchor value
stock_simStock simulation
synCAA1Synthetic Catch-at-age data I
synCAA2Synthetic Catch-at-age data II
synCPUESynthetical catch per unit of effort (CPUE) dataset
synLFQ1Synthetic length-frequency data I
synLFQ2Synthetic length frequency data II
synLFQ3Synthetic length frequency data III
synLFQ4Synthetic length-frequency data IV (with seasonal...
synLFQ5Synthetic length-frequency data V (without seasonal...
synLFQ6Synthetic length-frequency data VI (without seasonal...
synLFQ7Synthetic length-frequency data VII with seasonal oscillation
synLFQ8Synthetic length-frequency data VIII with variable harvest...
synLFQ8resSynthetic length-frequency data VIII with variable harvest...
tilapiaTilapia data
trammelnetTrammel net data
trawl_fishery_JavaData from the trawl fishery off the North coast of Java
VBGFVon Bertalanffy Growth function (VBGF)
VPAVirtual Population Analysis (VPA)
whitingWhiting data
yeardec2dateYear - Date conversion
yprYield per recruit
ypr_selYield per recruit with selection ogive
Z_BevertonHoltBeverton & Holt's Z-Equations
Z_CPUEEstimate Z from CPUE data
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