Man pages for Twitmo
Twitter Topic Modeling and Visualization for R

cluster_tweetsCluster tweets on an interactive map
filter_tweetsFilter tweets
find_ldaFind best LDA model
find_stmFind best STM/CTM
fit_ctmFit CTM (Correlated topic model)
fit_ldaFit LDA Topic Model
fit_stmFit STM (Structural topic model)
get_tweetsSample tweets by streaming or searching
lda_distributionView distribution of fitted LDA Models
lda_hashtagsView Documents (hashtags) heavily associated with topics
lda_termsView Terms heavily associated with each topic
load_tweetsConverts Twitter stream data (JSON file) into parsed data...
pipePipe operator
plot_hashtagPlot tweets containing certain hashtag
plot_tweetsPlot tweets on a static map
pool_tweetsPrepare Tweets for topic modeling by pooling
predict_ldaPredict topics of tweets using fitted LDA model
to_ldavisCreate interactive visualization with LDAvis
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