Man pages for UncerIn2
Implements Models of Uncertainty into the Interpolation Functions

as.dataframeTransformation of S4 class Points or UncertainPoints into...
as.UncertainPointsTransformation of S4 class UncertainInterpolation into...
FuzzyInterpolation-classS4 class Representing a FuzzyInterpolation
Grid.boxGeneration of grid defined by surrounding box
Grid.defGeneration of grid with defined number of cels
Grid.interpolationGeneration of grid from the results of interpolation...
idwUncertainIDW interpolation
krigingUncertainKrigging and Fuzzy kriging interpolation
PlotPlotting S4 class UncertainInterpolation
PointsCreates S4 object class Points
Points-classS4 class Representing a class Points
splineUncertainSpline interpolation
UncertainInterpolation-classS4 class Representing a UncertainInterpolation
UncertainPoints-classS4 class Representing a UncertainPoints
uncertaintyConstantCreates S4 object class UncertainPoints
uncertaintyErrorCreates S4 object class UncertainPoints
uncertaintyInterpolation2-packageImplements models of uncertainty into the interpolation...
uncertaintyPercentCreates S4 object class UncertainPoints
uncertaintyRandomDeviateCreates S4 object class UncertainPoints
uncertaintyRandomNumberCreates S4 object class UncertainPoints
uncertaintyRandomPercentCreates S4 object class UncertainPoints
variogramEstimating of variograms
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