Man pages for VBLPCM
Variational Bayes Latent Position Cluster Model for Networks

aidsaids blogs data as a "network" object
E_to_Ycreate an adjacency matrix from an edgelist.
fruchterman_reingoldPerform Fruchterman-Reingold layout of a network in 2 or more...
gof.vblpcmGoodness of fit based on simulations from the fitted object.
hops_to_hopslistcreate a handy matrix of vectors to store the hopslist
log_like_forcescreate an initial configuration for the latent positions.
plot.vblpcmplot the posterior latent positions and groupings and network
predict.vblpcmFind all link probabilities
print.vblpcmprint the fitted vblpcm object
sampsonCumulative network of positive affection within a monastery...
summary.vblpcmsummary of a fitted vblpcm object.
vblpcmBICcalculate the BIC for the fitted VBLPCM object
vblpcmcovscreate the design matrix for the network analysis
vblpcmdrawpieadd a piechart of group memberships of a node to a network...
vblpcmfitfit the variational model through EM type iterations
vblpcmgroupslist the maximum VB a-posteriori group memberships.
VBLPCM-internalInternal VBLPCM objects
vblpcmKLprint and returns the Kullback-Leibler divergence from the...
VBLPCM-packageVBLPCM: Variational Bayes for the Latent Position Cluster...
vblpcmrocROC curve plot for vblpcmfit
vblpcmstartGenerate sensible starting configuration for the variational...
Y_to_Ecalculate the edgelist for a given adjacency matrix
Y_to_Mcalculate the missing edges as an edgelist from an adjacency...
Y_to_nonEcalculate a non-edge list from an adjacency matrix
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