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Variance Component Analysis

anovaDFANOVA Type-I Degrees of Freedom.
anovaMMANOVA-Type Estimation of Mixed Models.
anovaVCAANOVA-Type Estimation of Variance Components for Random...
as.matrix.VCAStandard 'as.matrix' Method for 'VCA' S3-Objects.
as.matrix.VCAinferenceStandard 'as.matrix' Method for 'VCAinference' S3-Objects.
buildListBuild a Nested List.
CA19_9Reproducibility Example Dataset from CLSI EP05-A3
check4MKLCheck for Availability of Intel's Math Kernel Library.
chol2invDataDataset Generating Error in Function 'chol2inv'
coef.VCAExtract Fixed Effects from 'VCA' Object.
CsweepCalling C-implementation of the SWEEP-Operator
dataEP05A2_1Simulated Data of a CLSI EP05-A2 20/2/2 Experiment
dataEP05A2_2Simulated Data of a CLSI EP05-A2 20/2/2 Experiment
dataEP05A2_3Simulated Data of a CLSI EP05-A2 20/2/2 Experiment
dataEP05A3_MS_1Simulated Data of a CLSI EP05-A3 3/5/5 Multi-Site Experiment
dataEP05A3_MS_2Simulated Data of a CLSI EP05-A3 3/5/5 Multi-Site Experiment
dataEP05A3_MS_3Simulated Data of a CLSI EP05-A3 3/5/5 Multi-Site Experiment
dataRS0003_1Simulated Repeated Measurements Data.
dataRS0003_2Simulated Repeated Measurements Data.
dataRS0003_3Simulated Repeated Measurements Data.
dataRS0005_1Simulated Data of 5/3 Experiment.
dataRS0005_2Simulated Data of 5/3 Experiment.
dataRS0005_3Simulated Data of 5/3 Experiment.
DfSattHelperVariance-Covariance Matrix of Fixed Effects as Function of...
fitLMMFit Linear Mixed Model by ANOVA or REML.
fitVCAFit Variance Component Model by ANOVA or REML.
fixefGeneric Method for Extracting Fixed Effects from a Fitted...
fixef.VCAExtract Fixed Effects from 'VCA' Object.
getAmatrixDetermine A-Matrix.
getBasisGet Orthogonal Basis of a Matrix.
getCmatrixCoefficient Matrix for (V)ariance (C)omponent (A)nalysis.
getDDFMDegrees of Freedom for Testing Linear Contrasts of Fixed...
getDFExtract Degrees of Freedom from Linear Hypotheses of Fixed...
getGBGiesbrecht & Burns Approximation of the Variance-Covariance...
getLConstruct Linear Contrast Matrix for Hypothesis Tests.
getMatExtract a Specific Matrix from a 'VCA' Object.
getMMOverparameterized Design Matrices.
getSSQqfANOVA Sum of Squares via Quadratic Forms
getSSQsweepANOVA Sum of Squares via Sweeping.
getVDetermine V-Matrix for a 'VCA' Object.
getVCvarCovariance-Matrix of Variance Components.
GlucoseInermediate Precision Data from CLSI EP05-A3
HugeDataHuge Dataset with Three Variables
isBalancedCheck Whether Design Is Balanced Or Not.
lmerGConstruct Variance-Covariance Matrix of Random Effects for...
lmerMatricesDerive and Compute Matrices for Objects Fitted by Function...
lmerSummaryDerive VCA-Summary Table from an Object Fitted via Function...
load_if_installedLoad 'RevoUtilsMath'-package if available.
lsmeansLeast Squares Means of Fixed Effects.
lsmMatContrast Matrix for LS Means.
MLreproMulti-Lot Reproducibility Data.
model.frame.VCAExtract the Model Frame from a 'VCA' Object.
model.matrix.VCAModel Matrix of a Fitted VCA-Object.
MPinvMoore-Penrose Generalized Inverse of a Matrix.
orderDataRe-Order Data.Frame.
OrthodontOrthodont dataset from R-package 'nlme'
plotRandVarPlot Random Variates of a Mixed Model ('VCA' Object).
plot.VCAStandard 'plot' Method for 'VCA' S3-Objects.
predict.VCAPredictions from a Model Fitted by 'fitLMM'.
print.VCAStandard Printing Method for Objects of Class 'VCA'.
print.VCAinferenceStandard Print Method for Objects of Class 'VCAinference'.
ranefGeneric Method for Extracting Random Effects from a Fitted...
ranef.VCAExtract Random Effects from 'VCA' Object.
realDataReal-World Data
remlMMFit Linear Mixed Models via REML.
remlVCAPerform (V)ariance (C)omponent (A)nalysis via...
ReproData1Multi-Site Data for Estimating Reproducibility Precision
reScaleRe-Scale results of 'VCA' or 'VCAinference' objects which...
residuals.VCAExtract Residuals of a 'VCA' Object.
SattDFSatterthwaite Approximation for Total Degrees of Freedom and...
ScaleAutomatically Scale Data Calling These Functions: 'anovaVCA',...
scaleDataScale Response Variable to Ensure Robust Numerical...
SinvCalling C-implementation of the SWEEP-Operator for...
sleepstudysleepstudy dataset from R-package 'lme4'
SolveSolve System of Linear Equations using Inverse of...
solveMMESolve Mixed Model Equations.
stepwiseVCABottom-Up Step-Wise VCA-Analysis of the Complete Dataset.
test.fixefPerform t-Tests for Linear Contrasts on Fixed Effects.
test.lsmeansPerform t-Tests for Linear Contrasts on LS Means.
TraceCompute the Trace of a Matrix.
varPlotVariability Chart for Hierarchical Models.
VCAdata1Simulated Data for Variance Component Analysis.
VCAinferenceInferential Statistics for VCA-Results.
VCA-Package(V)ariance (C)omponent (A)nalysis.
vcovFixedCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix and Standard Errors of...
vcovVCCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix of Variance Components...
vcov.VCACalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix of Fixed Effects for an...
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