Glucose: Inermediate Precision Data from CLSI EP05-A3

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This data set consists of the Glucose intermediate precision data in the CLSI EP05-A3 guideline, i.e. total variance for a fully-nested design with 3 variance components (day, run, error).
Note, that the results in the original EP05-A3 guideline were obtained using rounded intermediate results, whereas, package VCA uses full precision. Any differences between results listed in the CLSI EP05-A3 guideline and those generated by the package are due to error propagation in the working example presented in the CLSI guideline. Here, full precision is used for all intermediate results.




data.frame with 80 rows and 3 variables.


CLSI EP05-A3 - Evaluation of Precision of Quantitative Measurement Procedures; Approved Guideline - Third Edition.

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