API for VHDClassification
Discrimination/Classification in very high dimension with linear and quadratic rules.

Global functions
.EvaluateLogLikeRatio,numeric,LinearRule-method Man page
.EvaluateLogLikeRatio,numeric,QuadraticRule-method Man page
.EvaluateLogLikeRatio-methods Man page
DA Source code
FAN_Selection Source code
FDRS_Selection Source code
FDR_Selection Source code
LinearRule-class Man page
PartitionWithLLR-class Man page
QDA Source code
QuadraticRule-class Man page
VHDClassification Man page
VHDClassification-package Man page
coherence2group Source code
getBinaryRule Man page
getBinaryRule,PartitionWithLLR-method Man page
getBinaryRule-methods Man page
getLogLikeRatio Man page
getLogLikeRatio,LinearRule-method Man page
getLogLikeRatio,QuadraticRule-method Man page
getLogLikeRatio-methods Man page
learnBinaryRule Man page Source code
learnLinearRule Source code
learnLinearRulefortune Source code
learnPartitionWithLLR Man page Source code
learnQuadraticRule Source code
learnQuadraticRulefortune Source code
plotClassifRule Man page
plotClassifRule,LinearRule-method Man page
plotClassifRule,PartitionWithLLR-method Man page
plotClassifRule,QuadraticRule-method Man page
predict,LinearRule-method Man page
predict,PartitionWithLLR-method Man page
predict,QuadraticRule-method Man page
predict-methods Man page
show,LinearRule-method Man page
show,PartitionWithLLR-method Man page
show,QuadraticRule-method Man page
tune.LDA Source code
tune.QDA Source code
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