Man pages for VHDClassification
Discrimination/Classification in very high dimension with linear and quadratic rules.

getBinaryRuleGetter set of binary rules (object PartitionWithLLR)
getBinaryRule-methods~~ Methods for Function getBinaryRule ~~
getLogLikeRatioGet the log-likelihood ratio from a binary rule...
getLogLikeRatio-methods~~ Methods for Function getLogLikeRatio ~~
learnBinaryRuleFunction to learn a binary classification rule
learnPartitionWithLLRA function to learn a rule in case of 2 classes or more
LinearRule-classClass "LinearRule" ~~~
PartitionWithLLR-classClass "PartitionWithLLR" ~~~
plotClassifRuleA plot function for classification rules (binary or not,...
QuadraticRule-classClass "QuadraticRule" ~~~
VHDClassification-packageDiscrimination-Classification in very high dimension with...
z.EvaluateLogLikeRatio-methods~~ Methods for Function .EvaluateLogLikeRatio ~~
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