Man pages for VOSONDash
User Interface for Collecting and Analysing Social Networks

addAdditionalMeasuresAdd additional measures to graph as vertex attributes
applyCategoricalFiltersFilter out graph vertices not in selected category
applyComponentFilterFilter out graph vertices not in component size range
applyGraphFiltersFilter out graph vertices and edges from graph object that...
applyPruneFilterPrune vertices from graph by vertex id
collectRedditDataCollect reddit data
collectTwitterDataCollect twitter data
collectYoutubeDataCollect youtube data
corpusFromGraphCreate a text corpus from graph text attribute data
createRedditActorNetworkCreate reddit actor networks
createRedditRequestUrlCreate a reddit url to request thread comments
createTokenIdCreate a twitter auth token id
createTwitterActorNetworkCreate twitter actor networks
createTwitterDevTokenCreate an auth token with twitter app dev keys
createTwitterWebTokenCreate a auth token with twitter app consumer keys
createYoutubeNetworkCreate youtube actor networks
dtbGraphLoad the package included "Divided They Blog" network graph
eawGraphLoad the package included "Enviro Activist Websites 2006"...
emptyPlotMessageCreate an empty plot with text
getNetworkMetricsGet graph network metrics
getRedditUrlSubredditGet subreddit name from url
getRedditUrlThreadIdGet a reddit thread id from url
getSystemFontFamiliesCheck system fonts
getVertexCategoriesGet a list of vertex category attribute names and values
getVOSONDashVerGet the VOSONDash package version
getVosonSMLVersionGet the vosonSML package version
getYoutubeVideoIdGet a youtube video id from url
hasVosonTextDataCheck if graph object has text attributes
isMacCheck if macOS
isNullOrEmptyCheck a value for a range of empty conditions
isVosonSML0290Return logical if vosonSML version later than 0.29
loadPackageGraphLoad package included network graph
logMessageAdd message to log queue
mixmatCreate a mixing matrix
runVOSONDashRun the VOSON Dashboard Shiny Application
systemTimeFilenameCreate a file name with system date time prefix
VOSONDash-packageInterface for collection and interactive analysis of social...
wordCloudPlotCreate a wordcloud plot
wordFreqChartCreate a word frequency chart
wordFreqFromCorpusCreate a word frequency dataframe
wordSentChartCreate an NRC emotion chart
wordSentDataCreate NRC emotion data
wordSentValenceChartCreate an NRC sentiment valence chart
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