Man pages for VWPre
Tools for Preprocessing Visual World Data

align_msgAligns samples to a specific message.
bin_propBins the sample data and calculates proportion looks by...
check_all_msgsOutput all messages with timestamps
check_eye_recordingCheck which eyes were recorded during the experiment
check_iaCheck the interest area IDs and labels
check_msg_timeCheck the time value(s) at a specific message
check_samples_per_binCheck the number of samples in each bin
check_samplingrateDetermine the sampling rate present in the data
check_time_seriesCheck the new time series
create_binomialCreates a success/failure column for each IA based on counts.
create_time_seriesCreate a time series column
custom_iaMap gaze data to newly defined interest areas
dot-check_for_PupilPreInternal helper function, not intended to be called...
ds_optionsDetermine downsampling options based on current sampling rate
fasttrackFast-track basic preprocessing
make_pelogit_fncCreate function for back-transforming empirical logits to...
mark_tracklossMark trackloss by blink and/or screen size
plot_avgPlots average looks to interest areas.
plot_avg_cdiffPlots average difference between two conditions.
plot_avg_contourPlots average contour surface of looks to a given interest...
plot_avg_diffPlots average difference between looks to two interest areas.
plot_indiv_appPlots diagnostic average plots of subjects/items.
plot_transformation_appPlots diagnostic plots of the empirical logit transformation.
plot_var_appPlots diagnostic plots of subject/item variance.
prep_dataCheck the classes of specific columns and re-assigns as...
recode_iaRecode interest area IDs and/or interest area labels
relabel_naRelabel samples containing 'NA' as outside any interest area
rename_columnsRename default column names for interest areas.
rm_extra_DVcolsChecks for and removes unnecessary DV output columns.
rm_trackloss_eventsRemoves events with excessive trackloss
select_recorded_eyeSelect the eye used during recording
transform_to_elogitTransforms proportion looks to empirical logits.
VWdatThis is a sample eye-tracking dataset included in the package
VWPreVWPre: Tools for Preprocessing Visual World Data.
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