API for VarSelLCM
Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering of Mixed-Type Data Set with Missing Values

Global functions
AIC Man page
AIC,VSLCMresults-method Man page
ARI Man page
BIC Man page
BIC,VSLCMresults-method Man page
BuildS4Reference Source code
CheckInputs Source code
ComputeMICL Source code
ICL Man page Source code
ICLcategorical Source code
ICLcontinuous Source code
ICLinteger Source code
ICLmixed Source code
ImputCate Source code
ImputCont Source code
ImputInte Source code
InitCriteria Source code
IntegreOneVariableCategorical Source code
IntegreOneVariableContinuous Source code
IntegreOneVariableInteger Source code
MICL Man page Source code
OptimizeMICL Source code
OptimizePenLike Source code
ParallelCriterion Source code
VSLCMcriteria-class Man page
VSLCMdata Source code
VSLCMdata-class Man page
VSLCMdataMixte Source code
VSLCMmodel-class Man page
VSLCMparam-class Man page
VSLCMparamCategorical-class Man page
VSLCMparamContinuous-class Man page
VSLCMparamInteger-class Man page
VSLCMpartitions-class Man page
VSLCMresults-class Man page
VSLCMstrategy Source code
VSLCMstrategy-class Man page
VarSelCluster Man page Source code
VarSelCluster.singleg Source code
VarSelImputation Man page Source code
VarSelLCM Man page
VarSelLCM-package Man page
VarSelShiny Man page Source code
cdfmixtureGauss Source code
cdfmixturePoiss Source code
check.results Source code
coef Man page
coef,VSLCMresults-method Man page
coefficients Man page
coefficients,VSLCMresults-method Man page
fitted Man page
fitted,VSLCMresults-method Man page
fitted.values Man page
fitted.values,VSLCMresults-method Man page
heart Man page
logdinvgamma Source code
plot Man page
plot,VSLCMresults,ANY-method Man page
plot,VSLCMresults,character-method Man page
plot,VSLCMresults-method Man page
predict Man page
predict,VSLCMresults-method Man page
print Man page
print,VSLCMresults-method Man page
proba.post Source code
pvdiscrim Source code
summary Man page
summary,VSLCMresults-method Man page
varsellcm.plot.boxplot Source code
varsellcm.plot.cate Source code
varsellcm.plot.cont.cdf Source code
varsellcm.plot.inte.cdf Source code
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