Man pages for VarSelLCM
Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering of Mixed-Type Data Set with Missing Values

AIC-methodsAIC criterion.
ARIAdjusted Rand Index
BIC-methodsBIC criterion.
coefficients-methodsExtract the parameters
coef-methodsExtract the parameters
fitted-methodsExtract the partition or the probabilities of classification
fitted.values-methodsExtract the partition or the probabilities of classification
heartStatlog (Heart) Data Set
ICLICL criterion
MICLMICL criterion
plot-methodsPlots of an instance of 'VSLCMresults'
predict-methodsPrediction of the cluster memberships
print-methodsPrint function.
summary-methodsSummary function.
VarSelClusterVariable selection and clustering.
VarSelImputationImputation of missing values
VarSelLCM-packageVariable Selection for Model-Based Clustering of Mixed-Type...
VarSelShinyShiny app for analyzing results from VarSelCluster
VSLCMcriteria-classConstructor of 'VSLCMcriteria' class
VSLCMdata-classConstructor of 'VSLCMdata' class
VSLCMmodel-classConstructor of 'VSLCMmodel' class
VSLCMparamCategorical-classConstructor of 'VSLCMparamCategorical' class
VSLCMparam-classConstructor of 'VSLCMparam' class
VSLCMparamContinuous-classConstructor of 'VSLCMparamContinuous' class
VSLCMparamInteger-classConstructor of 'VSLCMparamInteger' class
VSLCMpartitions-classConstructor of 'VSLCMpartitions' class
VSLCMresults-classConstructor of 'VSLCMresults' class
VSLCMstrategy-classConstructor of 'VSLCMstrategy' class
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