Man pages for VizOR
Graphical Visualization Tools for Complex Observational Data with Focus on Health Sciences

alphatizeApply alpha transparency to a color vector
beNiceToLaTeXSanitize deparsed R expressions for inclusion in LaTeX...
colorGeneric function 'color'
color.coloredReturns the vector of colors associated with the factor...
coloredCreate a colored factor, an object of class...
controllerProvides a GUI panel offering dynamic control of the...
droplevels.coloredDrop unused levels from a colored factor
Extract.coloredIndex a colored vector
keyGeneric function 'key'
key.coloredExtract the color key from a colored factor
panel.prevalenceTreatment Prevalence vs Duration graphic
panel.radarplotPanel function for multidimensional 'Table 1 at-a-glance' See...
predRegRegistry Ensemble Prediction
prepanel.prevalenceAdapts y-axis limits to prevalence range and any nonzero box...
radarplotA multidimensional 'Table 1 at-a-glance'
relevel.coloredReorder levels of a colored factor.
representNAConvert "NA"s to NAs the 'representNA' function to all columns of a data...
timelineA color-coded treatment time-line, with overlaid events
VizOR-packageGraphical visualization tools for complex observational data...
vlbwData on 671 very low birth weight infants
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