WARN-package: Weaning Age Reconstruction with Nitrogen isotope analysis

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WARN is a package to estimate precise weaning ages for a given skeletal population by analyzing the measured stable nitrogen isotope ratios (d15Ns) of them. Bone collagen turnover rates in non-adults estimated anew and the approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) were adopted in the model.


Package: WARN
Type: Package
Version: 1.2-2
Date: 2017-02-22
License: GPL (>= 3)

Function warn esimates the age at the start and end of weaning, enrichment of d15N through maternal to infant tissue, and d15N value of collagen synthesized entirely from weaning foods with their posterior probabilities. The warn performs approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) for a given set of estimated ages and measured d15N of non-adults from the skeletal population. Function warnCI calculates credible intervals (CIs) of posterior probabilities under a given class "warn" object and a given threshold of CIs. Function warnProb calculate posterior probabilities under a given class "warn" object and given parameter ranges. This package adopts S3 class. The detail of mathematical models is described in Tsutaya and Yoneda (2013).


Takumi Tsutaya <[email protected]>


Tsutaya, T., and Yoneda, M. (2013). Quantitative reconstruction of weaning ages in archaeological human populations using bone collagen nitrogen isotope ratios and approximate Bayesian computation. PLoS ONE 8, e72327.

See Also

warn, warnCI, warnOptim, warnProb


## See ?warn, ?warnCI, and ?warnProb for examples.

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