lerna: Stable isotopic data of the Lerna population

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This data set gives the stable carbons and nitrogen isotope ratios of the 39 human bone samples from Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2100–1700 BC) Lerna, Greece reported in Triantaphyllou et al. (2008).




lerna is a data frame with 39 individuals (rows) and 5 variables (columns) of ID (skeletal number), sex, estimated age at death, and carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios, named id, sex, age, d13C, and d15N, respectively. sex is a factor with levels f, m, and u, which corresponds to famale, male, unknown, respectively. The estimated ages at death were midpoint values.


See detail for Triantaphyllou et al. (2008).


Triantaphyllou, S., Richards, M. P., Zerner, C., and Voutsaki, S. (2008). Isotopic dietary reconstruction of humans from Middle Bronze Age Lerna, Argolid, Greece. J. Archaeol. Sci. 35, 3028–3034.

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