Man pages for WRTDStidal
Weighted Regression for Water Quality Evaluation in Tidal Waters

aiccrqAkaike's Information Criterion for weighted quantile...
all_simsSimulate a response variable time series using all functions
annual_aggCreate annual aggregations of WRTDS output
chldatMonthly chlorophyll time series for Hillsborough Bay
chllabChlorophyll axis label
chngestGet trend for a single time period
createsrchCreate a grid of half-window widths to evaluate
daydatDaily chlorophyll, salinity, and discharge time series for...
dec_timeCreate decimal time from time vector
dynaplotPlot model response to salinity or flow as a lineplot for all...
fill_grdAdd date columns and fill missing values in the interpolation...
fillpoFill the 'predonobs' attribute
fitmoplotPlot the fitted results for a tidal object by month
fitplotPlot the fitted results for a tidal object
getwtsGet weights for regression
goodfitQuantile regression goodness of fit
gradcolsGet colors for plots
gridplotPlot variable response to salinity/flow as a gridded surface...
kendallSeasonalTrendTestKendall seasonal trend test
kendallTrendTestKendall trend test
lnQ_simSimulate a discharge time series
lnres_errSimulate random errors from a time series
lnres_simSimulate a water quality time series
modfitFit weighted regression and get predicted/normalized response...
nobsplotPlot number of observations in a WRTDS interpolation grid
obsplotPlot observed response variable and salinity/flow data
prdnrmplotPlot combined predicted and normalized results from a tidal...
resnormGet salinity/flow normalized WRTDS predictions from...
respredGet WRTDS predictions from interpolation grids
ressclsGet the scale parameters for predicted values
samp_simSample a daily time series at a set frequency
seasplotPlot seasonal trends across all years
seasyrplotPlot seasonal model response by years
sliceplotPlot time slices within a tidal object
tidalCreate a tidal class object
tidalmeanCreate a tidalmean class object
tidfitMonthly chlorophyll time series for Hillsborough Bay as a...
tidfitmeanMonthly chlorophyll time series for Hillsborough Bay as a...
tidobjMonthly chlorophyll time series for Hillsborough Bay as a...
tidobjmeanMonthly chlorophyll time series for Hillsborough Bay as a...
winsrch_constrOptimFind the optimal half-window width combination
winsrch_gridEvaluate half-window width combinations
winsrch_optimFind the optimal half-window width combination
wrtdsGet WRTDS prediction grid
wrtdscvUse k-fold cross-validation to evaluate WRTDS model fit
wrtdsperfGet WRTDS performance metrics
wrtdsrsdGet WRTDS residuals
wrtdstrndGet WRTDS trends
wrtdstrnd_skGet WRTDS trends using seasonal Kendall tests
wtsplotPlot the weights for an observation
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