WordPools-package: Classical word pools used in studies of learning and memory

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This package collects several classical word pools used most often to provide lists of words in psychological studies of learning and memory.

A word pool consists of a population of words, together with various descriptive measures (number of letters, number of syllables, word frequency, etc.) and normative measures (imagery, concreteness, etc.) that can be used in experimental designs to vary and control such factors.


Package: WordPools
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-2
Date: 2012-12-15
License: GPL-2

At present, the package contains three main word pools:

Paivio - the Paivio etal. (1968) word list of 925 nouns

TWP - the Friendly etal. (1982) Toronto Word Pool of 1080 words in various grammatical classes

Battig - the Battig & Montague (1969) Categorized Word Norms, containing 5231 words listed in 56 taxonomic categories. Various measures on these categories are given in CatProp.

In addition, the function pickList provides the ability to select items from such lists with restrictions on the ranges of the measured variables.


Michael Friendly

Maintainer: Michael Friendly <[email protected]>


Friendly, M. Word list generator. http://datavis.ca/online/paivio/

See also http://memory.psych.upenn.edu/Word_Pools and http://www.psych.rl.ac.uk/MRC_Psych_Db.html for other related word pools

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