testPerl: Test Perl installation and required modules for WriteXLS()

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Test Perl installation and required modules for WriteXLS()


  testPerl(perl = "perl", verbose = TRUE)



Name of the perl executable to be called.


Output test result messages.


This function will test your current system to be sure that Perl is installed and if so, whether or not all of the Perl modules required for WriteXLS() are present.

Success and/or error messages as appropriate will be output.


A boolean value (TRUE or FALSE). TRUE if Perl and ALL required modules are found


Please be sure to read the included INSTALL file (in the main package installation directory) for additional details on meeting the requirements for Perl and the additional Perl modules that are necessary for WriteXLS to work properly. The file includes platform specific recommendations for common scenarios. The path to the package installation directory can be located using system.file(package = "WriteXLS").

A working installed version of Perl must be present in the current system searchpath or the exact path of the perl executable must be provided via the perl argument. Perl modules required for this function that may not be part of a default Perl installation are included with this package. These modules include:

Archive::Zip, OLE::Storage_Lite, Parse::RecDescent, Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, Excel::Writer::XLSX and Text::CSV_PP


Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz@me.com

Many thanks to Prof. Brian Ripley for his assistance in the testing of this package.

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