XR: A Structure for Interfaces from R

Support for interfaces from R to other languages, built around a class for evaluators and a combination of functions, classes and methods for communication. Will be used through a specific language interface package. Described in the book "Extending R".

AuthorJohn M. Chambers
Date of publication2016-08-28 07:35:28
MaintainerJohn Chambers <jmc@r-project.org>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

asJSONS4: Convert an Object to a Dictionary or Array in JSON Notation

asRObject: Specialize the R Object Returned from an Interface Evaluator

asServerObject: Generate a Server Language Expression corresponding to an R...

AssignedProxy-class: Class for Assigned Proxy Objects and Related Mechanisms

evaluatorAction: Carry Out an Evaluator Initialization Action

evaluatorActions: Add to Table of Search Paths and Import Commands

fillNames: Utilities for Server-Language Specific Use

fixHelpTopic: Make a Help Topic an Explicit Character String

from_Server-class: A Class to Describe General Server Objects

getInterface: Get or start an evaluator for an interface

Interface-class: Reference class for all interface evaluators

InterfaceCondition-class: Classes of objects representing errors or other conditions in...

MiscMethods: Miscellaneous methods

nameQuote: Plain Double Quote for Names

noScalar: Send a Non-scalar Version of an Object

objectAsJSON: Construct a String in JSON Notation to Represent an R Object

objectDictionary: Generate the Explicit Dictionary form for an R Object

packageSetup: Execute a Setup Step for a Package

ProxyClassObject-class: A Class for Objects that are Proxies for Specific Server...

ProxyFunction-class: A Class for Proxy Functions

proxyName: Return the Server Language Name Corresponding to a Proxy...

ProxyObject-class: Class Union to Represent Proxy Objects

ServerClassDef-class: The Definition of a Server Language Class

serverFields-class: Class Union for Describing Server Language Fields

setProxyClass: Create a Proxy Class

typeToJSON: Convert a Simple Object to JSON String

Unconvertible-class: Unconverted Server Language Objects

valueFromServer: Convert the String Returned by a Server Language Interface to...

vector_R-class: A class that facilitates returning R vectors via a list in...

XR: A Structure for Interfaces from R

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