objectDictionary: Generate the Explicit Dictionary form for an R Object

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The XR interface strategy uses an explicit named list (i.e., dictionary) to describe an R object from a particular class. This function creates the suitable form for such a dictionary, based on the formal class or the contents of an object. Used by some interface packages (e.g., XRJulia) but likely only of information value otherwise, to tell you how to code an object in the server language.


objectDictionary(object, exclude = character())



the object to use to infer the representation


slots or the like that should not be in the dictionary form.


a named list with the required entries, e.g., ".RClass".


Chambers, John M. (2016) Extending R, Chapman & Hall/CRC. ( Chapter 12, discussing this package, is included in the package: ../doc/Chapter_XR.pdf.)

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