Man pages for XRPython
Structured Interface to 'Python'

convertConvert Proxy Objects between XRPython and reticulate
dict_Python-classProxy Class for Python Dictionaries
from_Python-classClass for General Python Class Objects
functionsFunction Versions of Methods for Python Interface evaluators.
ipythonWrite a File of Python Commands to Test Package Modules in...
isinstanceTest if a Proxy Object is an Instance of a Python Type
list_Python-classProxy Class for Python Lists
ModulesImport a Python module or add a directory to the Python...
noscalarSend a Non-scalar Version of an Object
okPythonCheck for a Valid Python for Interface
PythonClassDef-classClass and Generator for Python Class Description from Python...
PythonFunction-classProxy Objects in R for Python Functions
PythonInterface-classAn Interface to Python
PythonObject-classProxy Objects in R for Python Objects
pythonTaskRegister an Evaluator Command or Expression at Initialization
RPythonAn Evaluator for the Python Interface.
setPythonClassCreate a Proxy Class for a Python Class
setupStepThe Setup Step
XRPython-packageFunctional and Object-based Interface from R to Python
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