Xmisc: Xiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions

This is Xiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions useful when developing R packages, particularly for OOP using R Reference Class.

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AuthorXiaobei Zhao [aut, cre, cph]
Date of publication2014-08-12 22:38:09
MaintainerXiaobei Zhao <xiaobei@binf.ku.dk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Argument-class: Argument

ArgumentParser-class: Parser for command-line options and arguments

as.loglevel: Coerces an object to loglevel

atos: Convert an R object to a string

cat0: Cat without space but with a newline at the end

character_to_logical: Convert a character string to logical.

check.packages: Check if a package can be loaded

dfchunk: Chunk data.frame into parts

dfconcat: Concatenate data.frame into a string

dfsort: Sort data.frame given levels of one column

dfsplit: Split data.frame given one leveled column

dir.exists: Does the directory exist

endswith: Determine if a character string "ends with" specified...

func: Funciton with attributes

get_executable: Get the executable file path of a package

get_extdata: Get the extdata file path of a package

get_loglevel: Define log levels

getone-list-method: Get an element by index or name from a list

getone-methods: getone-methods

is.activeBindingFunction: General test of a class name being activeBindingFunction

is.connection: Is a connection

is.dir: Is it a directory

is.file: Is it a file

is.linux: Is the OS Linux

is.loglevel: General test of an object being interpretable as loglevel

is.package.loaded: Check if a package is loaded

is.uninitializedField: General test of a class being uninitializedField

is.windows: Is the OS Windows

List-class: A class inherited directly from envRefClass

logme: Log the name and the content of an R object

logsave: Log a 'save'

lprintf: String formatting given an environment

lstrip: Strip a string with given characters at the beginning (left...

make.dir: Make a directory recursively

popmany-list-method: Remove and return many elements from a list

popmany-methods: popmany-methods

popone-list-method: Remove and return an element from a list

popone-methods: popone-methods

printme: Print the name and the content of an R object

R5.value.default: R5.value.default

R5.value.parse: R5.value.parse

raw_input: Input from the terminal (in interactive use)

removeone-list-method: Remove an element from an R object

removeone-methods: removeone-methods

rstrip: Strip a string with given chars at the (right) end

schunk: Chunk a string into parts

srep: Replicate and concatenate a string

stampme: Print a message with a time stamp

stampmsg: Generate a diagnostic message from its arguments, with...

startswith: Determine if a character string "starts with" specified...

strip: Strip a string with given chars at both ends

strsplit.first: Split a string at the first 'split'

Sys.Epoch: Get system epoch

UnitTest-class: Unit testing for developing R packages

valid.arg.index: Check validity of an index

valid.mode: Return a valid mode given digits

ValueParser-class: Parser for values

vchunk: Chunk a vector into parts

vconcat: Concatenate vector into a string

write.data.table: A wrapper of write.table

Xmisc-package: Xiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions

xRefClass-class: Extended Reference Class


Argument Man page
Argument-class Man page
ArgumentParser Man page
ArgumentParser-class Man page
as.loglevel Man page
atos Man page
cat0 Man page
character_to_logical Man page
check.packages Man page
dfchunk Man page
dfconcat Man page
dfsort Man page
dfsplit Man page
dir.exists Man page
endswith Man page
func Man page
get_executable Man page
get_extdata Man page
get_loglevel Man page
getone Man page
getone,list-method Man page
getone-methods Man page
is.activeBindingFunction Man page
is.connection Man page
is.dir Man page
is.file Man page
is.linux Man page
is.loglevel Man page
is.package.loaded Man page
is.uninitializedField Man page
is.windows Man page
List Man page
List-class Man page
logme Man page
logsave Man page
lprintf Man page
lstrip Man page
make.dir Man page
popmany Man page
popmany,list-method Man page
popmany-methods Man page
popone Man page
popone,list-method Man page
popone-methods Man page
printme Man page
R5.value.default Man page
R5.value.parse Man page
raw_input Man page
removeone Man page
removeone,list-method Man page
removeone-methods Man page
rstrip Man page
schunk Man page
srep Man page
stampme Man page
stampmsg Man page
startswith Man page
strip Man page
strsplit.first Man page
Sys.Epoch Man page
UnitTest Man page
UnitTest-class Man page
valid.arg.index Man page
valid.mode Man page
ValueParser Man page
ValueParser-class Man page
vchunk Man page
vconcat Man page
write.data.table Man page
Xmisc-package Man page
xRefClass Man page
xRefClass-class Man page


inst/tests/unittest.1.R inst/tests/xrefclass.1.R
R/Xmisc-package.R R/generic.R R/logging.R R/list.R R/internal.R R/unittest.R R/xrefclass.R R/util.R R/valueparser.R R/imports.R R/argumentparser.R
man/get_extdata.Rd man/is.uninitializedField.Rd man/valid.mode.Rd man/dir.exists.Rd man/popone-list-method.Rd man/popmany-methods.Rd man/printme.Rd man/popone-methods.Rd man/getone-methods.Rd man/lprintf.Rd man/List-class.Rd man/srep.Rd man/dfchunk.Rd man/strip.Rd man/is.activeBindingFunction.Rd man/logsave.Rd man/R5.value.default.Rd man/logme.Rd man/is.package.loaded.Rd man/stampmsg.Rd man/dfsplit.Rd man/endswith.Rd man/func.Rd man/vconcat.Rd man/UnitTest-class.Rd man/lstrip.Rd man/get_executable.Rd man/is.windows.Rd man/xRefClass-class.Rd man/ArgumentParser-class.Rd man/is.connection.Rd man/startswith.Rd man/dfconcat.Rd man/strsplit.first.Rd man/Xmisc-package.Rd man/schunk.Rd man/Sys.Epoch.Rd man/dfsort.Rd man/ValueParser-class.Rd man/getone-list-method.Rd man/removeone-list-method.Rd man/is.dir.Rd man/check.packages.Rd man/is.file.Rd man/character_to_logical.Rd man/get_loglevel.Rd man/is.linux.Rd man/valid.arg.index.Rd man/cat0.Rd man/Argument-class.Rd man/vchunk.Rd man/as.loglevel.Rd man/make.dir.Rd man/is.loglevel.Rd man/raw_input.Rd man/popmany-list-method.Rd man/rstrip.Rd man/write.data.table.Rd man/atos.Rd man/stampme.Rd man/removeone-methods.Rd man/R5.value.parse.Rd

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