Man pages for Xmisc
Xiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions

ArgumentParser-classParser for command-line options and arguments
as.loglevelCoerces an object to loglevel
atosConvert an R object to a string
cat0Cat without space but with a newline at the end
character_to_logicalConvert a character string to logical.
check.packagesCheck if a package can be loaded
dfchunkChunk data.frame into parts
dfconcatConcatenate data.frame into a string
dfsortSort data.frame given levels of one column
dfsplitSplit data.frame given one leveled column
dir.existsDoes the directory exist
endswithDetermine if a character string "ends with" specified...
funcFunciton with attributes
get_executableGet the executable file path of a package
get_extdataGet the extdata file path of a package
get_loglevelDefine log levels
getone-list-methodGet an element by index or name from a list
is.activeBindingFunctionGeneral test of a class name being activeBindingFunction
is.connectionIs a connection
is.dirIs it a directory
is.fileIs it a file
is.linuxIs the OS Linux
is.loglevelGeneral test of an object being interpretable as loglevel
is.package.loadedCheck if a package is loaded
is.uninitializedFieldGeneral test of a class being uninitializedField
is.windowsIs the OS Windows
List-classA class inherited directly from envRefClass
logmeLog the name and the content of an R object
logsaveLog a 'save'
lprintfString formatting given an environment
lstripStrip a string with given characters at the beginning (left...
make.dirMake a directory recursively
popmany-list-methodRemove and return many elements from a list
popone-list-methodRemove and return an element from a list
printmePrint the name and the content of an R object
raw_inputInput from the terminal (in interactive use)
removeone-list-methodRemove an element from an R object
rstripStrip a string with given chars at the (right) end
schunkChunk a string into parts
srepReplicate and concatenate a string
stampmePrint a message with a time stamp
stampmsgGenerate a diagnostic message from its arguments, with...
startswithDetermine if a character string "starts with" specified...
stripStrip a string with given chars at both ends
strsplit.firstSplit a string at the first 'split'
Sys.EpochGet system epoch
UnitTest-classUnit testing for developing R packages
valid.arg.indexCheck validity of an index
valid.modeReturn a valid mode given digits
ValueParser-classParser for values
vchunkChunk a vector into parts
vconcatConcatenate vector into a string wrapper of write.table
Xmisc-packageXiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions
xRefClass-classExtended Reference Class
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