Man pages for ZIM
Zero-Inflated Models (ZIM) for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros

bshiftBackshift Operator
dpqr-zinbThe Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution
dpqr-zipThe Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution
dzimFitting Dynamic Zero-Inflated Models
dzim.controlAuxiliary for Controlling DZIM Fitting
dzim.filterParticle Filtering for DZIM
dzim.fitFitter Function for Dynamic Zero-Inflated Models
dzim.plotTrace Plots from DZIM
dzim.simSimulate Data from DZIM
dzim.smoothParticle Smoothing for DZIM
injuryExample: Injury Series from Occupational Health
pvalueFunction to Compute P-value.
syphExample: Syphilis Series
zimFitting Zero-Inflated Models
zim.controlAuxiliary for Controlling ZIM Fitting
zim.fitFitter Function for Zero-Inflated Models
ZIM-packageZero-Inflated Models for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros
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