syph: Example: Syphilis Series

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Weekly number of syphilis cases in the United States from 2007 to 2010.


A data frame with 209 observations on the following 69 variables.

year Year
week Week
a1 United States
a2 New England
a3 Connecticut
a4 Maine
a5 Massachusetts
a6 New Hampshire
a7 Rhode Island
a8 Vermont
a9 Mid. Atlantic
a10 New Jersey
a11 New York (Upstate)
a12 New York City
a13 Pennsylvania
a14 E.N. Central
a15 Illinois
a16 Indiana
a17 Michigan
a18 Ohio
a19 Wisconsin
a20 W.N. Central
a21 Iowa
a22 Kansas
a23 Minnesota
a24 Missouri
a25 Nebraska
a26 North Dakota
a27 South Dakota
a28 S. Atlantic
a29 Delaware
a30 District of Columbia
a31 Florida
a32 Georgia
a33 Maryland
a34 North Carolina
a35 South Carolina
a36 Virginia
a37 West Virginia
a38 E.S. Central
a39 Alabama
a40 Kentucky
a41 Mississippi
a42 Tennessee
a43 W.S. Central
a44 Arkansas
a45 Louisana
a46 Oklahoma
a47 Texas
a48 Moutain
a49 Arizona
a50 Colorado
a51 Idaho
a52 Montana
a53 Nevada
a54 New Mexico
a55 Utah
a56 Wyoming
a57 Pacific
a58 Alaska
a59 California
a60 Hawaii
a61 Oregon
a62 Washington
a63 American Samoa
a64 C.N.M.I.
a65 Guam
a66 Peurto Rico
a67 U.S. Virgin Islands


C.N.M.I.: Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.


CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (


plot(ts(syph$a33), main = "Maryland")

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