Man pages for aRpsDCA
Arps Decline Curve Analysis in R

arpsArps decline classes and S3 methods
aRpsDCA-packageArps Decline Curve Analysis in R
arps.with.buildupArps declines with linear buildup period
as.effectiveArps decline conversion from nominal to effective
as.nominalArps decline conversion from effective to nominal
bestfitBest-fitting of Arps decline curves
curtailedArps decline curves with initial curtailment
eurEUR and time-to-limit for Arps decline curves
exponentialArps exponential declines
format.arpsFormat methods for Arps decline objects
harmonicArps harmonic declines
hyp2expArps hyperbolic-to-exponential declines
hyperbolicArps hyperbolic declines
print.arpsPrint methods for Arps decline objects unit conversion for DCA
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