abcdeFBA: ABCDE_FBA: A-Biologist-Can-Do-Everything of Flux Balance Analysis with this package.

Functions for Constraint Based Simulation using Flux Balance Analysis and informative analysis of the data generated during simulation.

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AuthorAbhilash Gangadharan, Neha Rohatgi
Date of publication2012-09-15 13:13:26
MaintainerAbhilash Gangadharan <>

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Man pages

BFDProcessor: BFD_Processor, a Bi-Flux-Del-Processor function

change_obj_function: CHANGE_OBJ_FUNCTION, a function to change the objective for...

change_rxn_bounds: CHANGE_RXN_BOUNDS, Change Reaction Bounds

deg_meas: DEGREE_MEASURE, measures the in-degree and out-degree of the...

Ec_iAF1260_flux1: E.coli model 1260 ORF's

Ec_iAF1260_flux2: E.coli model 1260 ORF's

Ec_iJR904: E.coli model 904 ORF's

Ecoli_core: E.coli core model 72 reactions and 95 metabolites

Exhaustive_double_deletion: Exhaustive_double_deletion, a function for computing...

Exhaustive_single_deletion: Exhaustive_single_deletion, a function that deletes each...

FBA_solve: FBA_solve, a function to solve CBM problems

fdiff: flux_difference_plotter, a function to plot two pre-existing...

flux_ranger: Flux_Ranger - a function to create a flux ramp.

fva: FLUX_VAR_ANALYSIS, a function to perform a flux variability...

fva_robustness: FVA_robustness, a function to determine the change in...

Gene_del: Gene_del, a function to create Gene Deletion mutants

H_pylori_iIT341: Helicobacter pylori by Ines Thiele

H_sapien_Recon1: H. sapien Recon1, human metabolic network reconstruction

M_barkeri_iAF629: Genome scale metabolic model for the archaeal methanogen M....

metab_connect: BYPASS_REACTIONS_SUBSTRATE, to find the influx and efflux...

metab_srch: SEARCH_metabolite, a function to search for metabolites in a...

M_tb_iNJ661: M. tuberculosis model iNJ661

PERTURBATION_analysis: PERTURBATION_analysis, a function for robustness analysis.

PHPP: PHPP, phenotypic phase plane analysis

rxn_srch: SEARCH_reaction, a function to search for reactions in a...

S_aureus_iSB619: Staphylococcus aureus model iSB619 by S.Becker

S_cerevisiae_IND750: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae iND750

sing_del_flxme: SINGLE_DEL_FLUXOME, a function to generate comparative...

Sybil_2_FBA_obj: Sybil_2_FBA_obj, a function to convert a model generated by...

View_objective: View_objective, a function that shows the components of the...


alternative pathways Man page
BFD_Processor Man page
bypass reactions for metabolites Man page
change objective Man page
Change Reaction Bounds Man page
comparison of single deletion flux distributions Man page
degree-measure Man page
double knockout Man page
double knockout result processor Man page
double synthetic lethality Man page
Ec_iAF1260_flux1 Man page
Ec_iAF1260_flux2 Man page
Ec_iJR904 Man page
Ecoli_core Man page
Exhaustive_double_deletion Man page
Exhaustive_single_deletion Man page
FBA_solve Man page
flux_difference_plotter Man page
flux distribution comparisons Man page
fluxome graphs Man page
Flux_Ranger Man page
Flux Variability Analysis Man page
FVA_robustness Man page
Gene_del Man page
gene deletion Man page
genetic mutants Man page
H_pylori_iIT341 Man page
H_sapien_Recon1 Man page
in-degree Man page
M_barkeri_iAF629 Man page
M_tb_iNJ661 Man page
objective function Man page
Objective function Man page
out-degree Man page
parallel multi-core simulation Man page
PERTURBATION_analysis Man page
phenotypic phase plane analysis Man page
PHPP Man page
ramp-down Man page
ramp-up Man page
robustness analysis Man page
Robustness analysis using FVA Man page
S_aureus_iSB619 Man page
SBML Man page
S_cerevisiae_IND750 Man page
Search-metabolite Man page
SEARCH_metabolite Man page
Search-reaction Man page
SEARCH_reaction Man page
single knockouts Man page
solve FBA problem Man page
Sybil_2_FBA_obj Man page
Sybil_S4_object Man page
View_objective Man page

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