cardealers3: A data set about car dealers, 3 of 4, to be used in DEA

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An example dataset with six car dealers data to be use in DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis).


Employess: The number of employees in the car dealer to be considered as input variable in DEA.

Amortization: As an indirect measure of the capital invested to be considered as input variable in DEA.

NetSales: Net amount of sales to be considered as output variable in DEA.


The purpose of this dataframe is to be used in DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis). DEA rate each unit, in this case car dealers, in terms of efficiency. Less input and more output lead to higher efficiency scores.




Vicente Coll Serrano y Olga M. Blasco Blasco (2006) Evaluacion de la eficiencia mediante el analisis envolvente de datos. Electronic edition.

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See also adea-package.

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