spanishuniversities2018: A data set of Spanish public universities

spanishuniversities2018R Documentation

A data set of Spanish public universities


Data set spanishuniversities2018 belongs to 47 public Spanish universities, all but Pais Vasco because its staff data is missing.


TeachingStaff: number of people teaching and researching with a doctor degree.

FPU2018: number of predoctoral contracts with state funds done in 2018.

FPI2018: number of postdoctoral contracts with state funds done in 2018.

Patents: number of patents registered from 2013 and 2017.

PhDThesis: number of PhD Thesis in 2017/2018 academic year.

JCR: number of papers published in journals included in JCR index

Six: number of positive reports obtained in the state research evaluation program. All permanent teaching staff from Spanish universities can apply every six year for a program to get a positive evaluation of their research activities. Positive evaluations are considered merits for promotion and represent an increase in salary.

Projects: number of research projects financed with state funds obtained in competitive calls.


The purpose of this dataframe is to be used in DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis).

The only one input variable is TeachingStaff.

The output variables are: TeachingStaff, FPU2018, FPI2018, Patens, PhDThesis, JCR, Six and Projects.




Data are taken from public available information systems.

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