API for adfExplorer
Import from and Export to Amiga Disk Files

Global functions
adf.disk.name Man page
adf.disk.name,amigaDisk-method Man page
adf.disk.name<- Man page
adf.disk.name<-,amigaDisk,character-method Man page
adf.example Man page
adf.file.exists Man page
adf.file.exists,amigaDisk,character-method Man page
amigaBlock Man page
amigaBlock,amigaDisk,numeric-method Man page
amigaBlock-class Man page
amigaBlock-method Man page
amigaBlock<- Man page
amigaBlock<-,amigaDisk,numeric,amigaBlock-method Man page
amigaDateToRaw Man page Source code
amigaDisk Man page
amigaDisk-class Man page
amigaIntToRaw Man page Source code
bitmap.info Source code
bitmapToRaw Man page Source code
blank.amigaDOSDisk Man page
blank.amigaDOSDisk,character-method Man page
boot.block.code Man page
boot.info Source code
calculate.boot.checksum Source code
calculate.boot.checksum.dat Source code
current.adf.dir Man page
current.adf.dir,amigaDisk-method Man page
current.adf.dir<- Man page
current.adf.dir<-,amigaDisk,character-method Man page
dir.cache.info Source code
dir.create.adf Man page Man page Man page
dir.create.adf,amigaDisk,character,POSIXt,character-method Man page
dir.create.adf,amigaDisk,character,POSIXt,missing-method Man page
dir.create.adf,amigaDisk,character,missing,missing-method Man page
displayRawData Man page Source code
file.info Source code
find.file.header Source code
get.adf.file Man page Source code
get.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,ANY-method Man page
get.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,character-method Man page
get.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,missing-method Man page
get.blockID Man page
get.blockID,character,numeric,numeric,numeric-method Man page
get.diskLocation Man page
get.diskLocation,character,numeric-method Man page
get.root.id Source code
hash.name Source code
header.info Source code
intl_toupper Source code
is.amigaDOS Man page
is.amigaDOS,amigaDisk-method Man page
is.bootable Man page
is.bootable,amigaDisk-method Man page
list.adf.files Man page
list.adf.files,amigaDisk,character-method Man page
list.adf.files,amigaDisk,missing-method Man page
make.dir.cache.block Source code
print Man page
print,amigaBlock-method Man page
print,amigaDisk-method Man page
put.adf.file Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,character,POSIXt,character-meth Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,character,POSIXt,missing-method Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,character,missing,missing-metho Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,character,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,raw,character,POSIXt,character-method Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,raw,character,POSIXt,missing-method Man page
put.adf.file,amigaDisk,raw,character,missing,missing-method Man page
put.file Source code
rawToAmigaDate Man page Source code
rawToAmigaInt Man page Source code
rawToBitmap Man page Source code
rawToCharDot Source code
read.adf Man page
read.adf,ANY-method Man page
read.adf,character-method Man page
read.adz Man page
read.adz,character-method Man page
root.info Source code
validity.amigaBlock Source code
validity.amigaDisk Source code
write.adf Man page
write.adf,amigaDisk,ANY-method Man page
write.adf,amigaDisk,character-method Man page
write.adz Man page
write.adz,amigaDisk,character-method Man page
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