Man pages for adfExplorer
Import from and Export to Amiga Disk Files

adf.disk.nameGet or set the disk name of an amigaDisk object
adf.exampleAn example of an amigaDisk object
adf.file.existsTest file or directory existsence in an amigaDisk object
adf.file.removeRemove a file from an amigaDisk object
amigaBlock-classThe amigaBlock class
amigaBlock-methodExtract block from or replace a block on an amigaDisk object
amigaDateToRawConvert date time objects into raw values
amigaDisk-classThe amigaDisk class
amigaIntToRawConvert Amiga integers into raw values
blank.amigaDOSDiskCreate blank disk with file system
boot.block.codeMinimal executable code for a bootblock
current.adf.dirGet or set the current directory of an amigaDisk object
dir.create.adfCreate a directory on an amigaDisk object
displayRawDataDisplay raw data in a comprehensive way
get.adf.fileGet a file from an amigaDisk object
get.blockIDGet the block ID from the physical location on the disk
get.diskLocationGet the physical location on the disk for a specific block
is.amigaDOSCheck if amigaDisk object is DOS formatted
is.bootableCheck if amigaDisk object is bootable
list.adf.filesList files in an amigaDisk directory
printPrint Amiga Disk File objects
put.adf.filePut a file onto an amigaDisk object
rawToAmigaDateConvert raw values into a date time object
rawToAmigaIntConvert raw values into Amiga integers
rawToBitmapConvert raw data into a bitmap or vice versa
read.adfRead an Amiga Disk File
write.adfWrite an amigaDisk object to an ADF file
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