Man pages for afex
Analysis of Factorial Experiments

afex_aov-methodsMethods for afex_aov objects
afex_optionsSet/get global afex options
afex-packageAnalysis of Factorial Experiments Maintainer: Henrik Singmann...
afex_plotm-way Plot with Error Bars and Raw Data
all_fitRefit 'lmer' model using multiple optimizers
aov_carConvenient ANOVA estimation for factorial designs
compare.2.vectorsCompare two vectors using various tests.
deprecatedDeprecated functions
emsExpected values of mean squares for factorial designs...
fhch2010Data from Freeman, Heathcote, Chalmers, & Hockley (2010)
ks2013.3Data from Klauer & Singmann (2013, Experiment 3)
md_12.1Data 12.1 from Maxwell & Delaney
md_15.1Data 15.1 / 11.5 from Maxwell & Delaney
md_16.1Data 16.1 / 10.9 from Maxwell & Delaney
md_16.4Data 16.4 from Maxwell & Delaney
mixedp-values for fixed effects of mixed-model via lme4::lmer()
niceMake nice ANOVA table for printing.
obk.longO'Brien Kaiser's Repeated-Measures Dataset with Covariate
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
round_psHelper function which rounds p-values
set_sum_contrastsSet global contrasts
sk2011.1Data from Singmann & Klauer (2011, Experiment 1)
sk2011.2Data from Singmann & Klauer (2011, Experiment 2)
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