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Affluence (Richness) Indices

affluenceEquivalised income
affluenceIndex-packageAffluence (richness) indices
boot.sd1Bootstrap standard error 1
boot.sd1.subBootstrap standard error 1
boot.sd2Bootstrap standard error 2
boot.sd2.subBootstrap standard error 2
gini.wGini coefficient
line.medMedeiros's affluence line
polar.affWolfson polarization index
r.chaConcave measure of affluence
r.cha.subConcave measure of affluence in subpopulation
r.fgtConvex measure of affluence
r.fgt.subConvex measure of affluence in subpopulation
r.hcRichness headcount ratio
r.hc.subRichness headcount ratio in subpopulation
r.isIncome share of the top p % share of the top p % in subpopulation
r.medAverage affluence gap affluence gap in subpopulation
S90S40Palma index
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